By: Veronica Roth

Which Faction will you choose

There are 5 factions in Divergent. Candor who are the honest, and can't tell a lie. Abnegation who are the selfless. Dauntless who are the brave, and don't know what afraid is. Amity believe in peace. Lastly the Erudite the smartest of all five factions


In the book Divergent a girl named Beatrice results come out inconclusive during her aptitude test. She is considered Divergent, but she can't tell anyone or else she will loose her life. When it comes to choosing a Faction Tris chooses Dauntless. Which is a surprise to everyone even herself! During her initiation she falls in love with her mentor named four(Tobias). The Erudite find out Tris and Tobias are divergent and sentence them to death, but before they kill them they try a new simulation on Tobias made just for Divergent. Once Tobias gets the shot he turns friends to Enemies.

He's Divergent he can fight this simulation. Any simulation

He is Divergent!


"He stares at me with the same Ferocity but doesn't move. Why doesn't he shoot me? His heart pounds against my palm, and my heart lifts. He is Divergent. He can fight this simulation. Any simulation. "Tobias," I say. " It's me." I step forward and wrap my arms around him." Page 477


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