Twin Tower Memorial

See the 9-11 Memorial and Museum

9-11 Memorial and Museum

What happened on 9-11-01? Learn what happened by visiting the Twin Tower museum and memorial. There is the design of the memorial and museum, honoring 9-11, and what happened on 9-11-01.

The design of the memorial and museum are complex and simple at the same time. There are two luxurious fountains in the spots the where the Twin Tower use to stand. The memorial was built September 9, 2011. The architect of the memorial was Micheal Arad. Micheal scavaged parts from the Original towers to place in the museum. Micheal Arad won a design contest to be the architect of the Twin Tower memorial.

This memorial was built in honor of the people who died from the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center's Twin Towers. Help out some people who have lost their lovedo ones due to the terrists attack to honor 9-11. Visit the memorial to respect and honor all who have died during the 9-11 terrorists attack.

On 9-11 19 al-Qaeda extremists hijacked four planes. Two planes went into the Twin Towers. One plane crash landed in a field in Pennsylvania. The last plane crashed into the Pentagon.

Interesting facts about the memorial and museum. The memorial is next to "Freedom Tower" the largest towerin the Western Hemisphere. The fountains glow bright in the night sky. The first tower got hit at 8:46am from flight 11. 50,000 people worked on building the memorial.

The design is simple and complex at the same time. Can honor 9-11 by helping someone who lost their loved one or visit memorial. Two planes crashed into the W. T. C. Twin Towers. There are many things to talk about when it comes to 9-11 and it's memorial of the one day the World Trade Center changed.

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