EDU 210 Mobile Apps

Perfect for K-12 classrooms

Journal Jar

This Web 2.0 mobile app is a perfect idea generator. When using this in my classroom, which will hopefully be an English one, I will be able to use this app to generate a topic for my students to write about. With the use of iPads in my classroom this interactive app will keep my students engaged and hopefully motivated to write about an original idea.


Fotobabble is a great app in targeting different types of learners. If I have students who are unable to write stories this app will allow them to create a story with photos and add their own voice to make the story come alive.

Choose Your Path

This app is another type of idea generator. Stories are presented and students are able to choose what happens next as well as choose their own endings. This type of app is a great way to get students thinking about multiple different ways in which they can approach events in a story.


Videolicious is similar to the Fotobabble app, but instead of just photos users are also able to add videos. This could be used in my English class by allowing students to create a commercial or a PSA (public service announcement) to combat Cyberbullying.

Comic Maker

This Web 2.0 app allows students to create comic strips from photos. Students in my English class could create a comic about characters in a novel we have just read highlighting a specific character development.

MindBlowing Apps

MindBlowing is an exciting mind mapping application. This Web 2.0 app takes pen and paper mind mapping into digital format. On iTunes, some reviews are not overly positive, but there are some that are positive about the future and the new developments being made. There have been new developments made to improve this application, and when one thinks about it, technology is always developing and always improving so the future use of this application should be bright as students and schools are continually bringing in new technologies (iPhones, iPads, etc) in order to be able to accommodate these applications.