The g.t.h.f.d

the glass,technology,heating,food,desk

Why we chose this product?

Our group had some difficulty finding a good idea so we combined each others ideas and got rid of some of the useless ideas.Our products main audience is for people from ages 12-18 because all kids and adults like technology so that more people from that age would buy it,I bet that everyone had a time where they had something for example a water bottle falling off the desk nobody enjoys that so are company Y.N.A.O.D aka.your needs are our dreams .Are product is useful because it contains small tiny holes where the heat will come out if you get cold,there is an I Pad that holds all your work like a u.s.b so don't have to carry papers to each class,and if you have any problems seeing the board everything that your teacher is teaching will be on your I pad in your desk.The good thing is that the I pad is built inside the desk and the screen is water proof.The other things cool about this desk is that there is a water bottle holder that holds your bottle so you don't have to constantly picking up your fallen bottle.Last but not least the i pad contains a lunch menu with healthy but tasty lunches that you can order and pick it up in the office.And the good part is that the desk is made of glass so its easy to carry and break so be careful.La fin