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On any given day we are thrown unexpected challenges. Great people learn from these challenges and welcome the next...

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Thanks to those of you who have joined me in telling our school story through Twitter. Next year we will feature each teachers' twitter handle or class handle, such as @willhrhodes @FielderElem @powerof2ndgrade (Mrs. Foster) @Cuppsclass (Mrs. Cupp) or @thecrewinroom42 (Mrs. Freye) @kinderroxs (Mrs. Swick) @MrsKsfabfirsties (Mrs. Kangieser) @Room40falcons (Ms. Pappas) @hcain_1stgrade (Mrs. Cain) @fechallenge (Mrs. Foreman) @darlenefritchie @stacieoneal78 @heidi_gillam @AnneKelly0720 @RochettiJ @FELibrary (Mrs. Counterman) @ronda_meldrum @NDWilliams0126 (Ms. Williams) @teecha95 (Mrs. Pegram) @karneto3 (Mrs. K. Torres) @andreavtorres27 @FloriansArtRoom @cdzeid (Mrs. Zeid) @scott_greene101 @beckyejames and many more!!

We always have our hashtag, #fielderpride which shows the world what we are proud of at Fielder Elementary. We will have an optional Twitter tutorial if you are not a twitter user, a beginner, or just want more info.

We also have our tweetbeam wall which you can show in your classroom anytime...

Calendar Updates

No changes to paper calendar this week. Please see Outlook calendar for further details on events.


Do you have a quick question for me, need to tell me something or bounce an idea off me? I'm on Voxer!! Voxer is a great free app for your phone. It is basically a two-way radio that leaves a voicemail for the receiver. I know my calendar can be hard to get on, so feel free to Vox me....we can have a discussion back and forth this way. Note--requests for TEDs and Personal Business still needs to be over email for documentation. My Voxer name is willhrhodes

Funky Friday!!!

Time to get FUNKY!! Funky Friday is a Fielder Tradition dating back to the founding year of our school. This Friday is our 23rd Funky Friday!! As this tradition becomes bigger and better, help from the staff is needed. The PTA has arranged for many teenage volunteers to run booths and stations. In order to ensure efficiency and keep the teenage volunteers focused, adults are needed to supervise the teenage volunteers. Please consider volunteering some time this Friday evening. Volunteers can sign up here:

CAKE WALK- If you can donate a cake, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, etc for the cake walk, please email and let them know what you can bring.

WALK OF FAME- The Funky Friday theme this year is Lights, Camera, Action. PTA would love for any staff member to add their own star to the WALK OF FAME which will be located on the sidewalk near the front entrance of the school. The star stencil and chalk will be located in the front office. Simply trace the star with chalk then decorate with your name and any other creative design you would like to add.

On another note, we will need the parking lot cleared after student dismissal on Friday. Get your up-close street spot as soon as you can and then stay for a night of fun. Find me at 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm for special staff treats (I'll be the one with a tigger hat/ears on)

Be a Connected Learner

Jaymie F. And Erica F. have gone through the Connected Learner Initiative and recommend it for all teachers!! Find out more about the Summer Cohort . The application period will be 4/15-4/29.

The goal of this initiative is to provide the training, resources and support to transform the use of technology as a classroom tool for instruction.

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