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Biometric time and attendance system is a precise system of measuring individual or group activities and attendance as well. A biometric time attendance system is a biometric time clock that records employee attendance, including when they are working, when they are out, and it also show that when they were scheduled to work.

Biometric attendance system involves your unique biological/physical feature like your hand or finger print, iris pattern and your voice as a record for the verification of identity, the objective for this identification is to allow you to perform something that you are authorized to do.

Biometric time attendance machines manage employees’ work schedule, in other words its working includes which employee did what, and at what time he did that, etc. It is a foolproof technology in order to ensure the accuracy of attendance.

Biometric time attendance machine is a useful tool to the ones who are dealing with large number of employees. It also helps in preventing time theft and saves money for the company. They can also be used as biometric access control for building's security. Many companies restrict to enter certain areas for some employees and only some employees are authorized to enter only after approving their fingerprints in the access system.

Today biometrics technology deals with the identification of the unique patterns that veins make in any person’s hand. These patterns are intricate and highly complicated, can say it is nearly impossible for one person to clock in as another. Therefore, this technology has very low false acceptance and false rejection rates so commonly used in high security areas.

Biometric technique is tremendously useful for both in helping businesses to feel secure and eliminating employee time theft because it relies on personal or biological characteristics that vary person to person.

Significance of Biometrics Technique:

As each body part is unique and biometrics involves physical or biological factors of individual for identification so considered best technology for identification. Biometrics technology encompasses Fingerprint, Eye, Voice, Vein, Facial recognition and more. Here some advantages of this technique:

Biometrics provides a low-cost and convenient system of security.

It reduces fraud by the way of employing hard-to-forge technologies and materials. For instance minimize the chance for ID fraud or buddy punching.
It eliminates the problems that are caused due to lost IDs or forgotten passwords.

It reduces cost of password administration.

It replaces complicated passwords that are generally hard to remember.

It reduces confusion or chaos by making it possible automatically to know who did what work, where and when.

Drawbacks of a biometric technique:

Apart from many benefits of using this technique, it also has numerous disadvantages that can deny its benefit. Today criminals are well known about how to remove fingers or to open biometric locks. As biometrics needs a lot of data to be kept on an individual, these systems may not be always reliable as human beings change over time, for example when you are ill; have puffy eyes, throaty voice or rough fingers due to laboring then it may be more difficult for machinery to recognize your identity correctly. Biometric technique fails in following situations:

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