Why Newsela?

Why Not?

What will I get out of reading these articles?

  • Knowledge of current events! Who doesn't want to know more about money, sports and making healthy choices (including eating chocolate!)
  • Continuously work on building a higher level of reading comprehension!
  • Learn new impressive words! (Hey ____________! Did you know that chocolate contains polyphenolic polymers? Polyph---what? Exactly! Share that newfound knowledge!)
  • A little bit of time just a couple of days a week = a whole lot of useful information and better reading comprehension skills!

When can I get started?

Right now! Go to Newsela and search "Dark Chocolate." Click on the article, read it, and then I'll come around with some chocolate to share! Thanks for committing to reading 7 more Newsela articles for Mrs. Kucks by November 26th!