The Flint Michigan Mayhem

By: Arrianna Powell

Residents Afraid?

Residents in Flint Michigan are not scared of terrorists or guns or shootings. The residents are scared of their water. What a twist! There has been a high level of lead evident in Flint Michigan water supply. Flint Michigan now in a state of emergency. More than 100,000 residents have been getting their water from the Flint River instead of Lake Huron, one of the great lakes. The people of Flint Michigan started to file complaints when they noticed that their water is colored.

Where Are The People Getting Their Water From?

The people of Flint Michigan are now getting bottled water. National Guard and the FEDs have been involved. Fire stations and other water distribution sites in Flint Michigan are handing out cases of bottled water and lead testing packages to test the water. Here's a picture of a resident getting bottled water:
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What's Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning happens when over a short period of time lead begins to build up in your body. This can lead to some serious health problems. Children, especially under the age of 6 can be severely damaged by lead poisoning. They can be affected mental and physically. In some cases, lead poisoning can lead to death.

President Barack Obama

Our President of the United States have been involved in the Flint Michigan Mayhem. He has declared a state of emergency in Michigan. He has called the FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency to help save the lives of people in Flint Michigan. Our President is seeing that FEMA is providing water, water filters and etc. The mayor of Flint Michigan thank the President for supporting him in time of need.

Governor Rick Snyder

Many people are accusing Rick Snyder of knowing that the water was contaminated and still let the people drink it. Among those people are filmmaker Michael Moore. A direct quote from Gov. Snyder: " I want the Flint community to know how very sorry I am that this has happened. And I want all Michigan citizens to know that we will learn from this experience, because Flint is not the only city that has an aging infrastructure." (
Reporting the News: An Annual Report on Municipal Water Quality - Flint, Michigan