Lucas's Awesome 2015

A year that was packed with TONE'S of fun!

My time at Le massif!

My time at Le massif was a blast! When I was there we rented out a house for a week. The house that we stayed in was a decent place. But the main reason we where there was to ski. The ski hill is set right on the saint Lawrence river. And sometimes you can ships or ice breakers moving through the river sometimes. When you are going down the hill it can take around 25 minutes to get to the bottom.
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Golf Camp

During the summer break I was able to go to a golf camp at Quarry Lakes. While I was there I was able to learn how to golf properly. We were given lunch for free and got to do 9 holes for free at the end of the day. If I could go back again, I would sign up in a flash.

Lake Huron

Near the end of summer break we rented a cottage at Lake Huron for a weekend. We were able to go out canoeing, swimming, and go bike riding. While we were there my brother almost stepped on a massusauga rattle snake. And two chipmunks would come up to the back door and ask for peanuts. But the cool part is that we went to a place called flower pot island were there was these cool rocks sticking out of the ground called flower pots.
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Back to school

Every year at the end of every summer break we have to go back to school. Why school has to ruin the fun of summer is unknown. But we have to go to school every year almost every day. But I survive.