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App Smashing

  1. App Smashing: A Definition ... The art of imaginatively using multiple apps to create an enhanced project.

A Practical Example of App Smashing

See youtube clip below

1. Open Google Earth and type in a place. (For my example, I typed in Warrawee Public School)
2. Using 2 fingers, zoom in to your location so that you are in 'street view'. When you are happy with the image, take a screenshot. (To do this on an iPad, press the sleep and home buttons at the same time. You will see a brief flash and it will be saved to the camera roll)
3. Open up Skitch. Click on photos and annotate the photo you just took. Save to the camera roll when you have finished.
4. Open up Tellagami. Build your character. For background, click on Library, and find the screenshot you saved and annotated.
5. Record your message and save. Gamis go for 30 - 40 seconds

For longer 'gamis', you can save to iMovie and string them together.
App smashing


Stage 3 might like to do one on the goldfields
Stage 2 might do the First Fleet
Stage 1 might do Workers in the Community


This would make a great mini post-assessment task for your students to demonstrate their learning