Television- By: Roald Dahl

By: Ana Dean

T: Title

The title makes me think that the poem will be about television.

P: Paraphrase

Television has many great stories, but people stopped reading books because of the fascinating invention. So, stop watching so much TV and pick up a good book.

C: Connotation

I think the author is unhappy about how the world is getting consumed by technology. I think he wants more people to read a story instead of watch it on television.

A: Attitude

The tone seems to be sadness because the author is upset because not many kids read anymore for fun. They all watch TV instead.

S: Shift

The shift in tone happens in about line 10 when the author says "Those children lived long ago!" The poem starts to get a different vibe about there. At the beginning he is remembering stories and how he loved them, but after the shift he is getting angry about the television and how there are barely any children reading.

T: Title

I think "Television" title represents hatred towards technology because it has replaced books. The author grew up reading books, but now the children of the generation don't read anymore. They all watch TV rather than read a good story.

T: Theme

I think the theme is that people should get up out from in front of the TV and go to the library and get a good book that you can't find on television.