Battle of Britain

This battle was surprisingly fought in Britain.

The Battle of Britain

In 1940, Germany and Britain were fighting.This battle was known as the Battle of Britain. The war started on July 10, 1940 and ended October 31, 1940 The war ended because Germany was unable to to achieve superiority on Britain's air bases. It's a good thing that Britain won because if they didn't they would have been overrun by the Germans and apart of the Holocaust.


The Battle of Britain used a lot of planes so their main strategy was to bomb with bombing planes.
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Generals Involved

  • Winston Churchill (prime minister of Great Britain) Uk
  • Marshal Hugh Dowding (commander in cheif)Uk
  • Marshal Keith Park (commander in cheif)Uk
  • Trafford Leigh-Mallory (commander in cheif)Uk
  • Lord Beaverbrook (minister for aircraft production)Uk
  • Adolf Hitler (supreme commander)G
  • Reichsmarchall Hermann Georing (supreme commander)G
  • Adolf Galland (pilot and commander)G
  • Feldmarschall Hugo Sperl (airfleet)G