My Year at a Glance

Jessie Gray

About me

Hi there! Im Jessie and i am a sophomore at Frenship High School, going on to junior year! I really like to be involved in the sports side of school. I play softball and was on the pom squad here at my school this year. I love going to football games and having fun with friends! My most favorite place to be is the lake with my family and friends! I love listening to country music and being outside in the sun. I love the thought of being wild and free. 

My Year at a Glance

My sophomore year will definetly be one to remember! I feel as if it was just yesterday i was a freshman still. It all flies by so fast! I can proudly say i thought this year was way easier than i thought it was going to be. I managed to keep up with my A-B average really well, and even had a lot more straight A report cards than i think i ever have! My priorites have gotten a million times better than they have been in the past and i feel more comfortable being me then i did last year as a freshman. I feel like i learn more from events outside of school then i actually do in school, and i always say how much i hate school, but i would be a completely different person without it. To sum it up i think ive had a good year and i cant wait to see what God has in store for me in the future!

Dream Vacation.

My dream vacation would probably sound boring to most people considering it doesnt sound very interesting to most, plus i have already been there once! I went to Louisisana last year and i fell in love with it. The thought of living in the woods with as much land to do anything you want on sounds amazing to me. It's so peaceful and everybody that lives there is so considerate and nice! I would love to be able to just get on my 4-wheeler everday and escape from everything else in the woods and be able to spend time with family out there! I guess i just like the down home feeling of it all in Louisiana!


My advice foor the upcoming sophores would probably be to just stay caught up! If you turn in all your work and dont let yourself get too far behind then you wont fail! The only thing that i thought was super hard my sophomore year is chemistry! All i have to say about that class is good luck...Try not to get too stressed out and just enjoy the year because it will go by so fast!
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