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Announcements 05.09.22

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Welcome to the Liberty High School Counseling & Social Work Department where we are committed to fostering the academics, personal, and post-secondary

growth of every student!

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Summer Planning!

What are your plans for the summer? Need a job? Check out our job page! You can also find job listings on the Real World Learning site! Click HERE! Looking for a summer workshop or volunteering opportunity? Check out our Summer Opportunities page!

Planning For Your Future!

Are you curious about the hot careers in the KC area? Click HERE to find out more!

Seniors- Dual Credit Transcript

Students who have earned dual credit while in high school are required to contact the college for their transcript. LHS does not have an official record of the college credit earned. Go HERE for links to the college transcript sites.

Interested in A+ Tutoring This Summer

A+ Students who wish to earn tutoring hours during 2022 Summer School MUST have an A+ Application on file and have completed the A+ training. In order to secure a spot, students must reach out to the participating Summer School sites to arrange schedules and teacher assignments. Please visit the Summer School website here for a list of schools and contact information.

Juniors - College Planning Tips

As you begin your college admission adventure, here are 5 Things you can do between now and the beginning of the school year to get you off to a great start!

For Upcoming College Visits CLICK HERE

For more A+ Info CLICK HERE

HS Volunteering at University of Kansas Health System

The University of Kansas Health Systems is still looking for applicants to fill their high school volunteer program. This program allows students to observe and shadow different departments in the health system for a couple months in the summer. It is supposed to help younger students learn about all the job opportunities that there are in medicine besides becoming a doctor or a nurse. Click Here for more information!

WARNING: Fentanyl Is In Our Area

Northland Law Enforcement warns of very dangerous counterfeit pills containing fentanyl that are circulating and causing overdoses among teens and young adults in the KC Northland. As caring adults, parents, and guardians, it’s crucial that we let our teens know the very real dangers of misusing prescription pills. Emphasize to your kids to never take a pill from anyone or anywhere that isn’t prescribed to them by a doctor and out of its original container.

Let teens know you will help them if they are seeking relief from feelings of anxiety or depression. Here are some other resources that might be helpful too:

FUN HOLIDAY - Lost Sock Memorial Day!

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National Lost Sock Memorial Day honors all the socks that are no longer with us. Where did they go? We are not certain but what we do know is that losing one sock of a perfectly-matched pair is a wide-spread phenomenon.

Did You Know... that the feet have about 250,000 sweat glands that are capable of producing about 1 cup of sweat a day?

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Upcoming Visits!

Sign Up for College Visits in the Counseling & Social Work Department.

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Heartland Sheets

Monday, May 9th, 11:30pm

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U.S. Army

Tuesday, May 10th, 11:30am

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U.S. Air Force

Thursday, May 12th, 11:30pm

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