A very Bobcat Christmas

For the 12th day of Christmas

With energy sapping,

and kids a'yapping

In the staff lounge is what?

A delicious doughnut!


On the 11th day till Christmas break

We were sneaky like foxes!

There's a candy cane treat

Placed in each of your mailboxes!

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On the 10th day till Christmas break

With a crazy schedule for the day

You deserve a Snickers so you can make it out of school ok


On the 9th day till Christmas Break

Santa heard your plea

Bobcats can wear sweats and hoodies on Thursday

Be casual and oh so comfy!

Or...if you don't like sweatpants...you can wear jeans and a hoodie. : )


On the 8th day till Christmas Break

A push might come in handy

We'll breakfast you with bagels

Hope you are wearing pants that are elastic band-y!


On the 7th day till Christmas Break

It dawned on the principal that she can't count!

We truly only have five days until we bounce out!

In celebration of the remaining five days

Cozy teachers agree

Wearing jeans for the rest of the week

Will make you happy as can be!


On the 4th day till the break

My principal bought for me

Lavish gifts in a

Gift card va-ri-e-ty! <-------sing that!

(We have random gift cards that we'll be doing a drawing for and announcing throughout the day! All are awesome!)

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On the 3rd day till Christmas Break

With each of you acting all smarty

We thought you could use a hardy

Smarty flavored candy cane

To enjoy during your math training or book club

Or at night while you sit in the bath tub!


On the 2nd day till Christmas Break

My principal gave to me

Workout clothes to wear

While retaining our sanity!



My principal gave to me

A hot warm breakfast for the Sandy Grade family

You will eat so much,

You won't be able to seeeeee!