Ozark Mountians

By Alex Guardiola

Fun Facts

The ozark mountains are located in Southern Missouri, Northern Arkansas, and small portions of Kansas, Illinois, and Ocklahoma.

The ozarks geography was an uplifted plateaus. Many streams have cut in to these plateaus. There are three distinct plateaus. The first plateaus is the Boston Plateaus, second is the springfield Plateaus, and lastly the Salem Plateaus.

The ozark mountain range is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world some peaks are higher than 2,000 ft tall. The climate is a subtropical summer and a mild winter.

The ozarks are a very popular place with many books and movies based is the ozarks. It is also a very popular place for tourist to either fish, hike, play golf, relax, boating, swimming and many other things.

The first settlers relied on hunting, fishing, and traps to get food and survive in the ozarks. They left long before the Europeans arrived in the ozarks.

The Ozark Mountains