Taylah Collier Goals

Mrs. Richards 5th Grade 2015

My Strengths and Weaknesses

My Strength is Social Studies

My Weakness is Math

Goals For This Year

My Language Arts goal is to fix my cursive by Practicing my cursive.

My Social Studies goal is to learn more about what i'm doing.

My Science is to do more of my Science assignments i will do this by listening to the teacher.

My Math is focus on Multiplying & Diving .

Personal Goal

My Personal goal for this year is to Work on My Handwriting, I Will do this by doing My Letters & Numbers

Another goal i have is in Math i Will Study Multiplication & Divsion

Who Can Help Me?

One person who can help me reach these goals is my Afterschool Counselors , My Parents.

What Might Distract Me?

Something that can distract me from reaching these goals is talking & not paying atention.