HIJH High Ability News

11/10 Update

Minutes/ Discussions at October Meeting

1. How are we using Teach to the Top and Greatest Achievement Gains in our HA classrooms?

  • How does it fit into 21st Century teaching and learning?
  • See graphic and article below

2. Took tour of College and Career Academy.

  • Question presented: How are we preparing students at the K-6 level for the high school academy experience?

3. Junior Great Books/ Shared Inquiry Discussions:

  • Meg would like to have all HA teachers facilitating shared inquiry discussions with JGBs and/ or other texts.
  • Who has been trained in how to have this sort of discussions with students? Who would like to receive this type of training?
  • Below is a two question survey to help determine our needs at HIJH.
Shared Inquiry Discussions Survey

It is only two questions. :)

Enrichment Ideas

The chartWhat interactive enrichment materials would you recommend to other HA Math teachers? (Click on the button below to see the chart. If you are interested in helping others with specific activity or have an activity to add, please email Meg at mstrnat@hse.k12.in.us.

Enrichment Chart

This chart has a ton of different resources available in the district, as well as volunteered to help others. Also, if you have things to add or could help with a resource please email Meg at mstrnat@hse.k12.in.us .

Big image
Lessons Learned About Educating the Gifted and Talented

Click here to read an article to goes along with the Greatest Achievement Graphic.