All about me

Guillem Planas


My Name is Guillem Planas, but my friends called me Planas because in my class there are 2 more Guillems!!
I'm 14 years old, I'm so young because my birthay is on 5 December.

I live in...

I live in Bescanó near to my highschool IES La Miquela.


My hobbies are playing basketball, go running and go cycling. I go training 3 times a week I train during 2.30 h because I play in 2 teams, because I go to help the team of the 16/17 yeards old.

My idol is Larry bird he is an important player of the history of the NBA.

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My dream is finishing the most largest triathlon of the world, called the Ironman.

In my leasure time I go with my friends to by candies and talk.