Kangaroo Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Healthiest Way to Work: Standing vs. Sitting

In today’s world, sitting for hours has become usual. We text, we type and we surf – everything at the comfort of sitting on chair. However, our bodies are not designed to sit for long hours. Perhaps, you are thinking, “I work out for one hour every day” or “I do yoga at least once a day”. Researches show that exercising isn’t sufficient to counterbalance the damages done by sitting for long hours. However, we have brought and healthy and effective solution for you. Height adjustable standing desks can energize you, improve productivity and help you live longer.

At Ideal Workspace, we offer a range of height adjustable standing desks that have a positive impact on your health. By alternating between sitting and standing throughout the workday, our height adjustable standing desks can help minimize the risk of major diseases, increase productivity and concentration as well as reduce back and neck aches.

Single Monitor Standing Desk

Ideal Workspace’s Kangaroo Pro series is perfect if you intend to make use of a monitor for your work. With 2 different sizes, the Kangaroo Pro standing desk makes an ample work surface for both reading and writing while the Kangaroo Pro Junior standing desk makes the best use of desk space.

Dual Monitor Standing Desk

Ideal Workspace offers Kangaroo Elite Standing Desk that is ideal for people who like to multi-task. It works best if you intend to work on two monitors simultaneously. It can be placed on your existing desk and lets you switch between sitting and standing during the workday effectively.

The dual monitor standing desk and work surface adjust independently of one and other, bringing ergonomic comfort for your back, arms and neck all the time.

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