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September 25, 2015

General Information

Happy Friday!! Lots of information went home this week at various points so we want to make sure that you are aware:

  1. Field trip to Raleigh -- pink letters need to be completed and returned. The first deposit of $30 is due October 6th.
  2. Yearbook order forms went home with info about ordering online. You can save $10 by ordering early (by 10/2). We are also selling student "ads". You can go to to order your student's yearbook or for designing a student page.
  3. The PTSO has begun a fundraiser with "Mixed Bag Designs" and packets went home today (Friday). The sale begins today and all orders and payments need to be returned no later than Monday, October 19th.

Class Happenings

Language Arts

Eighth Grade Language Arts is excited to dive into a new short story titled Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl. Students will discuss the text as a class and express their level of comprehension through high level reading questions.

Eight Grade Language Arts are currently developing a short story project where students will create a short story book, keynote, or online digital book to reflect the elements of a short story. Students have been reading and analyzing various short stories in class to help prepare them for this assignment. Students will submit rough drafts on September 30th for review.


IXL: Every Monday, students receive two IXL goals to have completed by Friday. They are given class time on Monday to work and periodically throughout the week. These are submitted by screenshots on a pages document and exported as a pdf. We have done this in class for a few weeks and beginning this week, the expectation is that they will complete this on their own. This means that they will come to class with the pdf already created and ready to submit at least.

Pre-Algebra: We are beginning Unit 3 and are having a very solid start with monomials. We will continue these next week and begin applying what we know to solve problems with scientific notation. The TILE project is underway and we are almost finished presenting the RAFTs.

Math 1: We have begun applying monomials to scientific notation. We will be testing on Wednesday of next week and moving on to polynomials. The RAFTs are almost finished being presented so those grades will be in soon.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we explored the realities of taxation using our Skittles and M&Ms for money. Each class had a British king, four British Parliament members, and two British tax collectors. The rest of the students were American colonists. The colonists were taxed on items such as computers, pencils, shoes, etc. and had to pay the tax collectors or suffer being put in "Jail". Some colonists ran out of candy money early while others "protested" and refused to pay. After having our items taxed, both fairly and unfairly, we empathized with the colonists and understood more about why they rebelled against the English government. We took our Unit 1 & 2 test on Thursday (30% of our grade!) and the Vocabulary 4 and Thirteen Colonies map quizzes on Friday.

Next week we will continue on the Road to the Revolution, focusing on interpreting primary source documents and images.

Social Studies Tutoring will start on Monday afternoon (2:15 - 3:15). If your child would like to retake the Unit test, they may do so at that time. The due date for late items before Interim Reports in Social Studies has been extended untilMonday afternoon at 3:15.

Please join my Remind account. You can text @ca8289 to 81010 to join or use the link


Students will take their 2nd quiz on their understanding of vocabulary terms ,as well as the concepts we have covered (“Evolution: Change Over Time”), on Monday Sept. 28th. They also have a Study Island assignment which will be due by Sept. 30th. They need to complete a minimum of 30 questions plus the pretest. It is vital that students review their vocabulary words often and complete the Study Island. This will help students to understand the words as well as apply that knowledge on the EOQ and EOG. Just a reminder, I have a membership to Remind101. If you would like to join send a text to 81010.. In the message type @mrdunag. It will send a message back with instructions on how to join. I will send texts out as reminders for upcoming quizzes, test and projects. Thank you for all you do helping your child with Science.

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