Healthy choices

Eating healthy


Healthy eating is very important.You need to eat healthy because when you do,you will live a longer happier life with more fun most adults get when they are old.You will also not get diabetes and other diseases like heart cancer and lung cancer. You also need nutrients because they are the components of food and beverages that provide us to grow,learn,and play.Nutrients are divided into six main categories.They are carbohydrates,protein,fat,vitamins,minerals and water.these six categories are divided into two further categories called macronutrients and micronutrients.What I think about my self esteem for nutrition is that I should start eating less and I should start eating healthy things instead of foods with less calories and sodium and fats.That is what I think I should start doing for my goals in eating healthy.

Physical activity


Physical activity is very important especially for children because it helps you burn calories,and it is also important because you get lots of vitamin d when you play also have lots of fun when you play outside.Vitamin d is very Important because it always keeps you happy.Vitamin D is a vitamin that is especially important for children and all youth.Vitamin D helps build strong bones and teeth and helps our bodies fight diseases and illness.Our bodies can make vitamin D when we play outside in the sun.Foods and beverages that that contain vitaminD are milk,and some fish.The benefits of playing sports are that you lose lots of weight and if you have asthma then when you play outside and get used to it,slowly you will start to lose your asthma problem.what I think about my self esteem is that I should start playing outside more often and instead of playing for half an hour I should start playing for the expected time 90 minutes so that I live a healthy lifestyle and I will be more athletic when I am an adult.I should also play for 90 minutes because most adults get diseases which are normal because some parents do not take care of their own health, so I think I should start taking care of my health from childhood so that it will be better for me when I grow up.This is what I think my goals should be for my physical activity.