FFA Timeline

Reed Robinette


First Agri-Entrepreneurship Awards presented.

The Republic of Zaïre officially joins the World Trade Organization, as Zaïre.


National FFA Center in Indianapolis, Ind., dedicated July 20.

Agricultural Education National Headquarters dedicated in Alexandria, Va.

US Census Bureau estimates population at 268,921,733


72nd National FFA Convention held in Louisville, Ky., for the first time.

First National Creed Speaking event held. Winner: Michael Van Winkle, Arkansas.

Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy" first airs on Fox


First National Star in Agriscience named: Steven Offer, Wisconsin.

First National Star in Agricultural Placement named: Nicholas Streff, South Dakota.

AL Qaeda Attacks world trades center and kills over 3000 people


First female Star Farmer named: Karlene Lindow, Wisconsin.

Official Dress standards revised.

U.S is at war against Al Qaeda in Iraq


Javier Moreno, Puerto Rico, elected national president; he became the first person with a native

language other than English and the first Puerto Rican elected as national FFA president.

U.S Still in Iraq Fighting Al Qaeda


The National FFA Foundation broke the $10 million mark in raising money for FFA programs and


U.S. Almost Catches Osama Bin Laden In Caves on Pakistani Border


FFA celebrated 40 years of women in the organization.

President Barrack Obama Elected President. First African American President This country Has Ever Had.


The National FFA Alumni Association celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Osama Bin Laden Captured and Killed May 1st 2011


Membership hit all-time high with 557,318 members in 7,498 chapters.

The National FFA Foundation received a record of more than $16.2 million in support of FFA.

President Barrack Obama Pushes to pull Troops out of Iraq