Wonders of Mercury

The 1st Planet

Physical Properties/ Apperance/ Characteristics

Mercury is also called Hermes and is a terrestrial and rocky planet like earth.Mercury has the most eccentric (unconventional and slightly strange) orbit of all the planets and the eccentricity is 0.21 with its distance from the sun.Since it is the closest planet the temperatures are extremely hot and burning.


Mercury is the closest planet and the 1st planet from sun. It takes 88 days to revolve around the sun. It takes 87.969 earth days to orbit.


The rotation of Mercury is very strange. For hundreds of years it was thought to rotate at the same time so it always kept one face to the sun, just as how the moon always keeps one face to the earth. It's actual rotation, causes it to turn exactly one and a half times each time it goes around the sun.