The Month of Purification

Facts About The Month

February comes from the Latin word februum which means purification. In the old Roman calendar the purification ritual called Februa was held on February 15th. February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It is the only month with twenty eight days. In leap year which occurs every four years, February has twenty nine days.

Valentine's Day!

Dedicated to Treecko...

I have the greatest friend on earth
Brothers by god but not by birth
I owe him a lot for all he has done for me
Without him in my life I am not sure where I'd be
We will be best friends forever until we die
We have jokes that no one would understand but him and I
Together we share our life story
We look for good in others glory
He is amazing every single day
I admire and look up to him in every way
He understands me and I don't have to explain
He brings her sunshine to the rain
Someone sent by god to do great things
One of heaven's angels with no visible wings
If you ever meet Treecko then you will see
Why he is the definition of the greatest friend to me.

Treecko, thanks for always being there for me
You have shown me just how best friends should be!

Source: An Angel For A Friend, An Angel Named Amanda, Inspirational Friend Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/an-angel-for-a-friend#ixzz2KvbRkqlY

Edited by Mudkip

Happy Valentine's Day, Mudkip!!!

Pokémon Best Friends!

Pokemon Best Friends (Lyrics)

Family Weekend

What does 'Family' mean to you?

Mudkip's Thoughts:

Each and every one of us has a family. That very day when we were born, we met our families. Our families are given, not chosen and no matter how much you envy being in that family, you have yours.

Your family are the people who you will depend on for the rest of your life. They give you guidance and support throughout your lives, and raise you until you are able to stand on your own. Being raised by our families, makes us what we are today.

We share most of our experiences together and those are our most unforgettable memories. We learn from those experiences and share them with our friends, but despite everything, we, as a family still knows it best.

Those memories will remain in our hearts and touch our lives forever...

Treecko's Thoughts:

To me, family is warmth, love, care, support, strength that makes you who you are. Everyone is special, unique and different mainly because we all come from different family backgrounds. A family leaves no man behind. You must cherish your family like a million treasures because they are irreplaceable...Forever ~

"Blood is thicker than water" they say; Yet many still take family for granted - not appreciating how fortunate they are - to have what they can call: a family.

Ski Trip!

We wake up at 7am to eat breakfast. Then we leave at 8am to Blue Mountain! ^^ It will take 2 hours to get there so we nap the whole way. Zzz...

Hooray! We finally reach our destination! It was packed with cars everywhere! We spent 10 minutes just to find a parking spot! Then, with excitement in our hearts, we went for lunch - food comes first! ;) After eating a yummy plate of fish 'n' chips, we went to queue up for the rentals along with our satisfied bellies! The line-up was so long that Mudkip and I are beginning to lose patience! 40 minutes passed and we finally get to rent our skis, poles, helmets and boots! We quickly change and walked out to attach the skis onto our boots.

Truthfully, I was very nervous-excited to ski as I haven't ski in three years! The last time I skied - let's just say it was a bad experience... I was too cautious that I fell a lot and didn't enjoy it at all! So we went up the magic carpet to the beginner's hill for a warm-up. Mudkip is a natural, fearless and motivating Pokémon! I was afraid to go down that totally un-steep hill; and my excuse was: afraid of bumping into other beginners! But Mudkip was supporting and encouraging me from behind and we skied down the hill together! I was going slower than a Slowpoke when Mudkip - from behind me, said, "Eh Treecko! So slow! Nothing to be afraid of! Go faster!" Hearing those words, I began to pick up speed and felt confidence and courage rushing into me! I conquered that hill and Mudkip was behind me all the time! YAY!

Then as I went to try the more steeper hills, I began to enjoy it! No more being afraid, no more being slow, no more being too cautious! Mudkip and I were skiing together all the time and Mudkip was always behind me to give me moral support! It was really fun and enjoyable! Going up using the lift was as fun as going down! Thanks to Mudkip, I really enjoyed skiing now! ^^ And I gained a new memory on skiing! Now, I won't see skiing as falling down and getting cold anymore but I will see it as fun, adrenaline-rushing and an EXPENSIVE sport! (P.S: It cost $100 per Pokémon at Blue Mountains!)

Anyway, I shall stop here! The details of the hills and the feelings of that experience shall - of course - be in my heart! ^^

Snow Day! 27.2.2013