Nutrition Only From Food is Bad

Brooke Edman

This article is about balance, the human body must maintain homeostasis to function properly. There is not a solitary dietary philosophy that works for everyone's lifestyle. The best idea is to eat well balanced meals and to keep the body from becoming sedentary to prevent disease and give it the tools to defend itself against the toxins that it is exposed to on a daily basis.

Why Getting Your Nutrition Only From Food is A Bad Idea

According to this 2015 article on by Dave Asprey, the American population are not getting the nutrients that are needed for optimal health through their diets. Beans, grains, and other orthodox dairy products are lacking proper nutrition. Legumes and grains products cause harm to the intestinal tract which disables nutrients to be absorbed int the body. Dairy is a myotoxic product which creates an inflammatory environment. The depletion of minerals from the soil due to the same crops being farmed in the same fields year after year starves the vegetables from providing the traditional nutrients. The practice of treating drinking water with chemicals leads to the striping of minerals from the water that is consumed through household faucets or bottled water through the use of efficient filters. When participating in a low calorie diet the human body which is intended to ingest a large quantity of calories is starving itself of the required nutrition. In order to intake all of the needed vitamins and minerals a human would need to ingest 27,575 calories a day. Edible plants grown in someones backyard in appropriately fertilized soil contain more nutrients than USDA organic fruits and vegetables. Meat that is conventionally fed on grains compared to their grass fed counterparts are lower in certain nutrients, such as fatty acids and antioxidants. The cleaners that are used and the containers that food products are packaged in are leaching chemicals into the human body which coupled with improper nutrition are a recipe for disaster. Although the body is better off with food that is natural and unmodified it is not completely prepared to interact with the poisons that it is exposed to without supplements. Exercise is not a cure all because it diminishes the sum of nutrients circulating in the body. As people get older the body is more susceptible to disease and requires medication which further exhausts the needed nutrition. Taking supplements can assist people in expanding their lifespan.


"Americans spent $21 billion on vitamins and herbal supplements in 2015." Scott (2015) If protein powders were included into that estimate the market is as large as all organic food purchases combined. 5% of grocery bills can be attributed to supplements. There have been several studies performed to glean insight into this money making market gathered by,Iowa Women's Health, the Office of Dietary Supplements of the National Institute of Health as well as the Council for Responsible Nutrition. These studies all produced inconclusive results as far as the health benefits gained by consuming vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements."Several large, long term studies have failed to come up with evidence to suggest that there is any reason to take multivitamins or any of the single letter vitamins as a preventative measure." Scott (2015)

There are two sides to every story and this author went into this assignment with an open mind about supplements. Many people will take a multivitamin on the days where they feel that their diet has been less than well rounded. The article "Why Getting Your Nutrition Only From Food is A Bad Idea" is obviously supportive of supplementing the human diet with the pill form of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. I believe that Dave Asprey is exaggerating that necessity to profit from the use of scare tactics. He is overstating facts that are common knowledge about the American diet lacking balanced nutrition. The topics mentioned on his website are biased to promote his own agenda. He is the founder and CEO of Bulletproof which is based on his story of losing 100 lbs., boosting his I.Q. to 150, and improving his overall health by taking supplements. It states that some of the research provided in the post may have been conducted by the Bulletproof staff which furthers my statement of his overlying agenda. Bulletproof is a trademarked company that sells the philosophy of making your body bullet proof by using biohacking to alter your body's environment inside and out so you are in control of advancing your health to become a super human. He sells cookbooks, natural cleaners, special coffee, and of course the Bulletproof diet book which details the life instructions of Asprey's personal agenda. The information on the website has not been evaluated by the FDA; which unfortunately would not be a reliable source in itself for information on the art of supplements because vitamins and minerals are not validated by that government agency either. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics at as well as would be reliable sources for information. It is the opinion of this author that balance must be the priority. Eating less processed foods and more whole foods is the key. If the body is not spending the majority of its energy cleansing the toxins and saturated fat from poor diets it can utilize proper nutrition to maintain body functions. Nutrients are better absorbed when they come from food sources rather than a concentrated pill form that is processed so quickly that we just end up with very expensive urine. That is not to say that supplementation does not have its benefits. Pregnant mothers need more iron, folate and B12 to prevent neural tube defects, people that are lactose intolerant and live in areas that do not receive ample amounts of sunshine may need to take calcium and Vitamin D. It is hard work to be healthy and the key is to make good decisions with choosing what to put in your body. There are some nutrients that are hard to find in whole foods and require supplementation. However I do not think that supplements can replace a well balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Regardless of the propaganda that is being used to misinform the public finding that homeostasis that our bodies can utilize the best of what we can offer them cannot be overlooked. The general public wants a quick fix which includes taking pills instead of eating responsibly, fad diets that they believe will help them drop the weight fast so they don't feel guilty about the fast food and martinis that they are ingesting.

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