BY: Jalen Warner, Katie Trimble, Noah Eckard, Tim Sherman


1.Racism and discrimination of all kinds are some of the most serious problems we face in America today.
2.Sometime that ultimate dream does come true.
3.but your ultimate dreams does not come true.
4.If you do pursue your dreams someone can talk you out of your dreams.
5. purse dreams with all your heart and soul.
6.Ask help if you want to pursue your dreams.
7. Too many don't follow your dreams.
8.treat everyone you meet like a human being.
9.Being rich doesn't make it any better.
10.Make your self look professional.
11.Try to make your self pass your goals.


1.All great ideas and call remarkable accomplishments start as ___________ Dreams inspire __________ .
2.the most famous dream ever was that of ______________________.

3.no matter how far fetched your dream is __________ it with your _______________ and _____________.

4.Here what happens when you do ______________ your dreams. Sometime that ________ dreams does come_______.

5.This would be amazing _________________for anyone to achieve over the course of a lifetime.

6.Try to have more ________than __________ days.

7.''To avoid__________ do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.''

8.Some days will be __________ than others.