Admires Roman Expansion

Fulvia was jealous of Octavion

Fulvia was the wife of Mark Antony, a powerful Roman Statesman. Mark was Julius Caesar's most loyal supporter, and after Julius died, Octavian and Mark fought for control over Rome. Octavian took rule of Rome, and all of Italy,While Mark only ruled Rome's land in the east, and all of Egypt. Fulvia was not supportive of this and wanted her husband to rule.

Fulvia getting back at Octavian

Fulvia was jealous of Octavian and wanted that land that he ruled for her husband. She wanted to be known as a wife of the most powerful Roman Statesman. She spent money however she wanted, and was focused on living the rich life. Fulvia joined sides with Lucius, Mark's brother. Lucius and her led a riot of rebellious Italian cities against Octavian.

The rebellion on Octavian

However the revolt became a civil war between the lands and rulers. Octavian's army slaughtered Fulvia and Lucius' rebellion. After the war they both escaped to Greece. Fulvia grew ill and passed away a year after the war. After her death Octavian, and Mark signed a peace treaty, until ten years after the rebellion another civil war erupted, but it was between Mark and Octavian.