On The Right Track- Investigation

Technology Design Cycle Report


This is a design cycle report about the unit called On The Right Track, My name is Nara Kong and I am a grade 8 student at NISC.

Indentify The Problem

Grade 8 students usually confused and not sure about the assessment and grading in all subject in the MYP. Almost all the student is not sure about how to aim for the full marks in each and every class and how the teacher assess and grade their work.

To illustrate this point, I created a chart, based on prior knowledge, to demonstrates all that I know about assessment in each class and the images are on display (two images below).

Design Brief

Students must create their own product to explain each of the assessment for each subject and spreadsheet that I can add my grades for each of the assessment task that is easy to use and easy to understand.



+ Spreadsheet is a document that can organize your work into columns and rows.

+ Spreadsheet make for easier to display information, and can insert some formulas to their data.

+ People also use spreadsheet to learn about different things and make decisions.

+ Spreadsheet is base on different varieties of subjects.

+ Spreadsheet has the ability to calculate values using mathematical formulas and the data in the cells.

+ Microsoft Excel is one of the best examples for spreadsheet.

+ In a spreadsheet, spaces that hold items of data are called cells.

+ Daniel Bricklin and Bob Frankston created the first spreadsheet application.

+ A spreadsheet is generally designed to hold numerical data and short text.

+ An electronic spreadsheet is a computer program that is used for storing, organizing and manipulating data.

This is the example of spreadsheet:

Stand-alone Presentation:

Stand-alone Presentation is the presentation that is not required talking and explaining. It base on showing other or making slide show.

Stand-alone include

  • essential
  • Number list
  • Diagram
  • Roadmap
  • Use title slides for each main point
  • Use large explanations
  • Poster
  • Prezi
  • A banner
  • Slidshow
  • Blogster
  • Photo
  • Graph

What is IB MYP?

The MYP(Middle Year Program) start from 6 to 10 grade. It design for students from 11 to 16. The MYP is preparing students to be successful at school and to be active.

I will now explain assessment for each subject:


The maximum score for technology is 36 because there are six component and each one is 6/6.

  • Investigation 6/6
  • Design6/6
  • plan6/6
  • Create6/6
  • Evaluate6/6
  • Attitude6/6

We have a little interview from our technology teacher Luke Watson. This is the result of the interview.


The maximum score for math is 28 because there are two 6 and two 8.

  • Knowledge and Understanding:8/8
  • Investigating patterns:8/8
  • Communication in mathematics:6/6
  • Reflection in mathematics:6/6


The maximum score for science is 36 because science have 6 criteria and the full score is 6/6.

  • One world:6/6
  • Communication in science:6/6
  • Knowledge and understanding of science:6/6
  • Scientific inquiry:6/6
  • Processing data:6/6
  • Attitudes in science:6/6


The maximum score for humanities is 38 because it has some 10 and some 8.

  • Knowledge
  • Concepts
  • Skills
  • Organization and presentation

Physical Education

The maximum score for P.E is 32.

  • Use of knowledge:8/8
  • Movement composition:6/6
  • Performance:10/10
  • Social skills and personal engagement:8/8


The maximum score for English is 30.

  • Content:10/10
  • Organization:10/10
  • Style and language Mechanics:10/10

The Arts

The maximum score for Art is 34.

  • Knowledge and understanding:8/8
  • Application:10/10
  • Reflection and evaluation:8/8
  • Personal engagement:8/8

Design Specifications

The product created to explain how assessment in grade 8 must:

  • be stand alone
  • be appropriate in length (not to long or too short)
  • for MYP students (audience)
  • outline assessment criteria, how each assessment criteria is graded and how and overall grade is calculated
  • use a good balance of images and text
  • when information and/or images are used from other sources - it must be referenced

The spreadsheet created must:

  • include all subject
  • include all assessment criteria
  • allow for multiple units of work
  • calculate averages, when appropriate
  • include overall grade
  • use different cell colours for different subjects
  • include a heading

Testing Method

I will test my product using the following questions:

  • Was the stand-alone appropriate to the Target Audience (MYP Students)?
  • Was there a careful balance between text & images?
  • Were all the classes covered in the stand-alone?
  • Was there a clear introduction?
  • Was the Color scheme, font & layout choice stylish & effective?

For the Spreadsheet:

  1. Was the Spreadsheet complete with spaces for all subjects, all criteria?
  2. Was Coloring used effectively on the spreadsheet?
  3. Did the Spreadsheet use the formulas for average? for sum? for sorting data? and for sell-merge & bordering & shading?
  4. Did the spreadsheet have a good title?
  5. Was the layout good?

For Comments:

  1. Name 3 things you like about the stand-alone
  2. Name 3 key facts from the stand-alone
  3. Name 3 things you like about the spreadsheet.
  4. Name 3 things that should be changed so the spreadsheet could be better.
  5. Name 3 things that should be changed so the stand-alone could be better.

I will conduct the best between 24th-26th September

The testers will be:

  • Sophie
  • Lareach
  • Hanbeen

Bibliography (some of it is PDF or picture)