Finally Free!!!

Come to the National Indian Independence Party!!!

Celebrate with us!

"What?"- One of the most special days of all Indian history is coming soon: the day of India's independence from Great Britain! We're having a huge party to celebrate so make sure you are there!

"Where?"-Mumbai, India's largest city! The festivities will be held throughout the city!

"When?"- August 15, 1947; the official date of our independence! From 5am-11:45pm

"Why?"- The first Independence day of your nation is a HUGE and once in a lifetime event! Make sure you're here to celebrate with us!

"What Should You Bring?"- All you need to bring is your sweet self! If possible, please bring a little lucky trinket that you won't mind giving away to wish our new country luck and prosperity! (but it is completely fine if you can't do that!)

Indian Independence Party

Friday, Aug. 15th 1947 at 5am-11:45pm

Mumbai, India


To let us know you are coming, please just simply write a small note telling us how many people in your group, family, etc. will be attending this event and have it mailed to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the residence of the future leaders of India!