Technology: Sophomore Advisory

Advisor Handout

The Physical, Emotional, & Mental Realities of Technology

Researchers have found that frequent cell phone use is directly related to a number of physical and emotional responses including:

These physical and emotional responses are due to the pressure of the expectation to be accessible around the clock

  • This expectation forces people into constant heightened states of awareness in anticipation of answering a call or text
  • Physically, this creates muscle tension (which can impact everything else in the body and mind!) and makes it difficult to relax and fall asleep at night
  • Lack of sleep can make it challenging to pay attention in school, difficult to concentrate on tasks, among other negative health risks. The constant multitasking can cause your brain to shut down the parts necessary for empathy.

What can you do to reduce tech-stress?

  1. Shut off your phone! Give your self a designated time when you actually turn off technology. Use this time to go outside, exercise, read, or meditate.
  2. Limit the amount of times you check your email/messages per hour.
  3. Designate a specific time of day to check your social networks. (A lot of phones allow you to tweet without opening the app).
  4. Set up a tech-free time with your family and friends so you can actually talk to them and enjoy their company!