Scottsboro Boys

Mario Rios

Scottsboro Boys summary

*Nine boys were falsely accused of raping two white girls. *This case was so severe because of the fact that blacks were treated unfairly. *It began when a fight broke out on a train and when the train reached its destination, armed cops were waiting to arrest the nine boys. *In court the boys were going to be charged with assult but two white girls who were found on the train were connected to the boys, making the nine boys now charged with rape. *The white girls who did have relationships with some of the boys who were thrown off the train, agreed to testify against the nine boys. *The trial ended and all but one boy was sentinced to death in prison, they youngest who was 12 was not going to serve life in prision. *When this was heard the North was upset and violence broke out over the trial. *After all the arguments were over the boys were found innocent and even though they tried to find them guilty, they could not and the boys walked free.

Roy Wright

Roy was one of the nine Scottsboro boys. He was twelve years old making him the youngest member. His older brother was Andy Wright who also was a scottsboro boy. He is important to the story because his trial ended in a mistrial. The jury sentenced him to death, after severly being beaten by the authorities he said he did rape them even though he didnt. After serving six years in jail the charges were dropped and he joined became a marine, after returning home he shot and killed his wife due to her being unfaithful, then killing himself.

Event List

March 30th 1931- The nine boys are found guilty of rape.

May 7th 1933- Thousands protest in Washington because of the Alabama Trials.

Jan 23rd 1989- Clarence Norris dies at age 76, he was the last member to live out of the Scottsboro group.


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