Student Profile

Kevin Jones

Background Information

Student Name: Kevin Jones

Date of birth: November 21st 2003

Age: 9

Grade: 4

Current Academic Year: 2014-2015

School: Hillside School

Exceptionality: Autism Spectrum Disorder/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Sources of Information:

(Identify sources of information and assessments to be conducted. Check box and note date when a source has been reviewed or a new assessment completed.)

Review of OSR, including current and previous report cards: September 2014

Consultation with previous and current teachers: August 2014

Consultation with support team: October 5th 2014

Current Consultation with parents: March 2015

Useful Tips

- Is part of a video game club in his community on Monday nights

- Needs to be told in advance what is happening and what might be changing for the day

- Parents are very involved in the school community and are in regular communication with the classroom teacher, resource teacher, and principal

- Provide Kevin with a stress ball or soft toy to hold when he appears anxious or fidgets in class


- Kevin excels at creating detailed drawings and paintings. Student enjoys working with different art materials.

- Kevin enjoys science class and learning about particular topics, such as the pulleys and gears unit. Shows interest in this topic and looking at related pictures and books.

- Kevin works well independently

- Responds well to schedules and routine

- Visual learner

- Able to communicate orally

Hobbies and Interests

- Listening to music

- Video games

- Using and learning about technology

- Watching cartoon movies and TV shows

- Going for car rides at home

- Playing with his older brother

Areas of Need

- Completing group tasks

- Adjusting to changes in routine and class setting

- Appropriate social behaviour (timing, cues, sharing). Alternative program outlined in the IEP.

- Writing and reading skills – comprehension and organization

- Mathematics – requires assistance with solving word problems

- Does not like physical education class and gets agitated before the period

- Desk is very messy and is disorganized

Considerations for Instructional Strategies

- Allow Kevin to use a computer to type writing tasks

- Use visual prompts

- Allow oral communication/feedback for tasks

- Provide manipulatives for mathematics

- Give Kevin extra time to transition to physical education class (allow a short break before class)

- Write the day’s agenda on the board

- Use positive reinforcement

- Pair Kevin off with one other student for group work

- Kevin gets fixated on details of a task, therefore provide specific and broken down instructions

Considerations for Assessment

- Oral communication for assessment

- Is allowed assistive technology for EQAO years (outlined in IEP)

- Allow short breaks (to use an electronic or go for a walk to the office or another classroom)

Available Resources and Support

- P.A.S.T program (Program to Assist Social Thinking)

- Special Education Resource Team

- Educational Assistant available part of the day


Ontario Ministry of Education, (2013). Learning for All: A guide to effective assessment and instruction for all students, kindergarten to grade 12. Retrived from