Kuehnle Koala Chronicle

23/24 Issue 2

2023-2024 School Hours

School Starts at 8:10 am.

School Ends at 3:25 pm.

Students are allowed to enter building at 7:45 am.

Thank you for helping everyone stay safe by not dropping off your child prior to 7:45 a.m. Supervision of students does not begin until 7:45 a.m. If you need before school care, please contact the front office about Koala Kare or go to their website for information https://www.koalakare-llc.com/

We kindly request that you do not enter the car rider line PRIOR to 7:30 AM. The line backs up and then our staff can not get into the parking lot to park their cars and get to their classroom and morning duty assignments to welcome and supervise students.

Kuehnle Front Office Hours:

7:45- am to 4:10 pm


August 25: Big Kahuna Fall Fundraiser Kick off

September 4: Labor Day Holiday/No School

September 5: Lunch Visitors May Begin

September 1- 30: GT Referral Window

September 11: Patriot Day-Wear red, white and/or blue

September 12: Big Kahuna Fundraiser packets DUE

Septemeber 19: Last day for online sales for Big Kahuna

October 4: Fall Individual Pictures

October 5: Big Kahuna Order pick up

Kuehnle Elementary: Learning. Serving.Leading.

Who are we and why do we exist? Kuehnle Elementary's -The Koala Way: Learning, Serving, Leading- is who we are and why we exist. As a result of joining the Holdsworth Campus Leadership Program, we developed The Koala Way. Our goals are to provide Intentional Instruction through personalized learning and capitalizing on innovation. We strive for Educational Excellence nurturing our Klein ISD’s Promise2Purpose by cultivating talent with personalized and ongoing campus professional development. We are a Collaborative Community with a focus on building relationships in the classroom, shaping character through communication and feedback with a servant’s heart. We engage in these goals with the use of practices such as Relational Practices, student goal setting, teacher small groups, and high levels of communication with our families.


Your fundraising dollars at work!

We always love showcasing how our fundraising dollars are being utilized on campus. We thank each and every Koala family who contributes and supports our fundraisers each year. We make it a priority to give it right back to our students through curriculum, technology, playground equipment and so much more. Thank you for your support!

Click on the video below to see our teachers at Lakeshore purchasing much needed materials for our students. We are so grateful for your continued support of fundraisers and spirit nights at Kuehnle.

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We love our Kuehnle Volunteers!

Be a Kuehnle volunteer! We offer many ways for parents and community members to volunteer such as parent readers, Watch Dog Dads, helping hands and much more.

Ensuring the safety of our students is our top priority. Having our volunteers complete a background check is one of many ways that we assure safety and security in our schools.
All volunteers must submit a new application each school year

Click HERE for more information and to complete the annual required process.

Kuehnle Jogging Club

Calling all Kuehnle Koalas in 1st - 5th grade who like to jog! It’s time to sign up for Jogging Club. All students are welcome but MUST be signed up by a parent or guardian to partici-pate. (see link or QR code below)

Students will jog on our Kuehnle Path from 7:45-8:05 on their designated days. We ask that all joggers wear athletic shoes for safety.


1st & 2nd grade: Meet every Tuesday/Thursday beginning September 5

3rd, 4th & 5th grade: Meet every Wednesday/Friday beginning September 6.

Parents/Guardians, please join the Remind to be informed of updates and cancellations due to weather. Text @23-24jclub to 81010

CLICK HERE: Register for Jogging Club

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Gifted and Talented Referrals

If you feel your child shows GT characteristics and you would like to have him/her screened, you will need to complete an online form. All referrals need to be completed online. The link will be available on the Kuehnle Website once the site is live. No paper referrals will be accepted.

The referral window is open from September 1st - September 30th. Window closes at 5:00 pm. No referrals will be accepted after September 30th. Screening will begin in October and notification will be via letter sent home in December.

**All Kindergarteners will be screened**

Students and staff are encouraged to wear red, white, and or blue to celebrate Patriot Day on September 11, 2023.

Big Kahuna Fall Fundraiser

Students and parents, I hope you are super excited about our Big Kahuna Fundraiser! Our school needs your help! We have amazing things planned for you for the remainder of the school year! Did you take your packet home? Be sure to register online, share with your friends and family, have fun and always be safe!!! STUDENTS, PLEASE REMEMBER TO … turn in your tickets to collect ALL the pandamonium collectibles as soon as your reach the different levels.

Important fundraiser dates:

Start Date: 8/25

End Date: 9/12

Online Site Closed: 9/19

Product Delivery Date: 10/5

You still have time to get to your goal and win some amazing prizes AND Sell just 15 items and you will get the MONSTER PARTY LIMO EXPERIENCE!

Online sale site: www.bigkahunaprime.net

Campaign ID to register online is 9242

**Dont miss this important message from Mrs. Funk! See video below!

Adjustments in Class Assignments

Your child’s teacher may be changed during the first several weeks of school. This may be due to balancing of class sizes, an addition or deletion of a teacher, or an instructional ability grouping change. These changes are made only to improve the instructional program of the students. We will inform you by letter or direct contact in the event these changes become necessary. Your cooperation in making this a smooth transition for your child is requested in the event that your child’s class assignment should need to be changed

Invitations to Outside Events

Please remember that teachers cannot facilitate the delivery of invites to any outside events (i.e. birthday parties, sleepovers, etc.) The delivery of party invitations should happen outside of the instructional day. Thank you in-advance for your cooperation with this matter.

Campus Grading Guidelines

Click HERE for the grading guidelines

How to support your child's academics at home

See below for some ways you can help your child's learning at home and Save the date for the Klein ISD Kindergarten-2nd grade Parent Engagement Events 2023-2024.
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Birthday Snacks

KISD permits parents / guardians or grandparents to supply birthday snacks for their child’s birthday through the KISD Food Service Department. Please call our food service manager at 832-484-6620 for more info and a list of items available.

  • Birthday snacks will be distributed for the entire class at the end of the lunch period, after students have had a nutritious meal as defined by the School Lunch Program and Texas Department of Agriculture.
  • Written consent from a parent / guardian must be obtained before a student will be permitted to have a birthday treat. (Sent in the 1st day packet.)
  • Two weeks notice is required for ordering birthday snacks through Klein ISD food service.

*No balloons are permitted on campus.

Click HERE for the order form.

School Supply List

Click HERE for the 2023-2024 Kuehnle School Supply List. It is also located on our Kuehnle website.
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Campus Safety and Security

In accordance with KISD safe and secure policies, A valid driver’s license must be shown at the front door before entering the building.

Please see the attached Entry Procedure sign displayed at our front door. All visitors to our campus must ring the doorbell, identify yourself, give student's name, provide reason for visit, and show your valid photo I.D. Place your ID close to the camera.

Please do not allow individuals not in your group to enter behind you. Once inside the building check in at our front office and your license will be scanned if you are visiting any area past the front office.

Name tags will be provided which should be visible on the front of the shirt and worn AT ALL TIMES by all visitors. Please use the main entrance (near the flagpole) to enter and exit the building.

Thank you for helping keep our campus safe and secure.

School Lunch Visitors

We want to set our students up for success by spending time with them teaching expectations, procedures, etc. during the first few weeks during lunch. Lunch time with their peers is a valuable time for your child. They will spend all year growing and cultivating their friendships.

We will begin allowing visitors for lunch on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. Thank you for your cooperation and support

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(School lunch information: NEED TO VERIFY ALL INFO and links BEFORE PUblishing and deleting this statement.)

Klein ISD will continue using Schoolcafe for lunch accounts. Click HERE for updates this school year.

  • SchoolCafe, is an all-in-one portal that allows families to complete meal benefits applications, deposit funds to their student’s lunch account, view meal transaction information in real- time and more!
  • Please click on links below for how to sign up and set up your account.

How to apply for meal benefits: Click HERE Or HERE

How to make payments in Schoolcafe: Click Video How TO

You will need the following information to sign up for Schoolcafe:

● 6 digit student ID* Skyward includes an “s”. Do not include this when enrolling in SchoolCafe

● Last name of student

● Enrolled campus

Click HERE to find your child’s ID Number and select the Skyward application.

If you choose to send money to the campus for your student’s account, please place the money or check in a sealed envelope and label with the following : Child’s First and Last Name, Teacher’s Name, Grade and Amount Enclosed. Student lunch prices is $2.50 and breakfast price is $1.50

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Help us make the first day of car pool go smoothly!

Every student who is a car rider MUST have a car rider number. We have new 23-24 car rider tags for EVERY family that needs one. This year our color is NEON YELLOW. Last year's will not be accepted for safety purposes. We do not dismiss by names and a lack of a car rider tag may require you to go to the front office to pick up your child. Car number tags speeds up our dismissal getting you home quicker. If your child will ever be a car rider during this school year, please pick up your car rider number at Meet The Teacher on August 4, 2023. Can't make Meet The Teacher? Please stop by the front office to pick up your car rider number August 7th or 8th between 8 AM and 3PM.

AM Car Rider line is at the front of the school near the flag pole.

PM Car Rider line is near the cafeteria.

Important Information for Parents

Visitors to Campus

All visitors to our campus must check in at our front office. A valid driver’s license will be needed to check in to visit any area past the front office. Name tags will be provided and should be worn at all times by all visitors. Please use the main entrance (near the flagpole) to enter and exit the building.

Rights of Possessory Conservator

The school district does not have the obligation to contact the managing conservator when the possessory conservator requests permission to review the child’s records and/or consult with the teacher.

Any conflicts between the two parents should be handled outside the school and we should be advised of any limitations of contact that might ultimately be established in the divorce decree; i.e., a visit with the child exclusive of a review of the records, etc.

Custody Issues

Please assist us in the handling of custody related issues. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide the registrar a certified copy of the most recent court order affecting any other person’s right to their children. Should you have any question, please call the school and ask for Julia Funk, Principal.

Car Pool

Please remember to have the car rider number tag hanging from your rear view mirror. Make sure you turn off your cell phone while in the carpool line. For morning drop-offs, please follow the directions of the staff members and drop your student off when the line stops. This helps to expedite the traffic flow.

Early Dismissal by 2:45 pm

All early dismissals must occur before 2:45p.m. If you need to pick your child up before the end of the school day please send a note to the front office in the morning. Please come to the front office at the requested time to sign him/her out. After 2:45 p.m. students will only be released following their normally dismissal routine. You can email Kuehnlefrontdesk@kleinisd.net

Transportation Changes by 2:45 pm

All changes to a child’s normal means of afternoon transportation must be received in the front office no later than 2:45 pm to allow time to get the updated information to the teacher in time for dismissal. You can email Kuehnlefrontdesk@kleinisd.net. Transportation changes must be requested in writing.

Medication at School

All medication, prescription and over the counter, must be delivered to the clinic by a parent or guardian. Prescription medications must be in the original container with prescription label. Most pharmacies will provide you with an extra bottle when you fill prescriptions if you ask them. Over the counter medications must have a dosage for the child by age or weight and can only be given for 2 weeks without a doctor’s note. Unused medication can not be sent home with the student. If the parent or guardian cannot pick up medication, you may make arrangements with the nurse for another adult to pick up medication. No vitamins, health food, or herbal preparations may be given.

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Smart Tags and more!

Klein ISD will continue using the SMART tag ID card system in the 2023-2024 school year to increase student safety, streamline management of students riding on school buses, and allow access to campus services via easy scans.

Click HERE for the student ridership parent portal.

The district purchased the first lanyard, card and plastic cover for every student. Parents will be required to pay for replacement cards, plastic protective covers, or lanyards if they are broken, lost, or stolen. Every student is required to have a Smart Tag. Parents will be contacted by our front office staff when a replacement is needed. Parents will need to pay for the replacement via School Cash Online. A link will be emailed to you. Once payment has been received the front office will provide the replacement. Parents will continue to receive reminders until the fee is paid. Remember, this is a requirement for all elementary students who ride the bus even once.

Replacement costs are as follows:

-lanyard = $2.00

-plastic protective cover = $1.00

-Smart Tag = $5.00

School Bus Parent Portal

Dismissal - Safety is our Priority!

Parents, please help us with the following:

Car Riders:

1. Official school car rider number tags must be displayed in the front windshield.

2. Please keep your car rider number tag displayed until your child gets in your car. After your child enters your car, please remove your carpool card from the windshield. This is our signal that your child is loaded.

3. Please be patient in the car line. Remember that SAFETY is always a priority at Kuehnle. Be mindful that students are still moving until we give the go ahead to move cars forward.

4. Please refrain from using your cell phone in a School Zone, including waiting in the car rider line. There are Texas State Laws which prohibit the use of cell phones while in a school zone.

Walkers/Bike Riders:

1. Walkers will be issued a ‘dismissal card’ by their teacher

2. Walkers will turn this card in to the staff member on duty at the assigned walker exit. This will be the student’s ‘ticket’ to leave the school building at the end of each day.

3. Walkers do not walk to cars in the parking lot. Any student leaving school grounds in a car must be picked up in the Car Rider line.

4. For safety reasons, do not park your car in the parking lot during dismissal unless you are required to come into the building.

Bus Riders:

Students will receive a bus card which must be attached to his/her backpack the entire year. Please do not remove this card.

Bus Rules:

· Student must remain seated at all times.

· Students must keep hands, feet and objects to themselves.

· Refer to the Klein ISD Student Handbook for a more detailed list.

Parents, please plan ahead with your child for rainy days. Consider packing a raincoat or umbrella for them to use.

All changes to a student’s regular means of dismissal must be received in the front office by 2:45 pm. You may email kuehnlefrontdesk@kleinisd.net

Reporting Student Absences

All student absences must have an excuse note from the parent/guardian within 5 days of the student's return to school.

How do I submit an excuse note?

Entering an absence in Skyward is Klein ISD's preferred method of communication for absence reporting.

Other acceptable methods of notification are:

  • hand written note from parent/guardian
  • note from a medical professional

We cannot accept the following communication methods:

  • No emails to the front office, registrar, teacher or other staff member
  • No Remind messages
  • No Dojo message

Klein ISD is no longer automatically sending notification of student absences to parents/guardians. However, there is a way for the parents/guardians to select to be notified if they want notification. The instructions for setting up the notification can be found in Familynet.

See the Attendance Policy section of the Klein ISD Student Handbook for more information.


Please note the following information regarding the use of cell phones during school. This information is from the 2023-2024 KISD Elementary Student Handbook pages 64-65.

Electronic Devices and Technology Resources (All Grade Levels)

Possession and Use of Personal Telecommunications Devices, Including Cell Phones, and Other Electronic Devices

The district permits students to possess personal cell phones for safety purposes; however, these devices must remain turned off during the instructional day, including during all testing, unless they are being used for approved instructional purposes.

A student must have approval to possess other personal telecommunications devices on campus such as laptops, tablets, or other portable computers.

Without such permission, teachers will collect the items and turn them in to the principal’s office. The principal will determine whether to return items to students at the end of the day or to contact parents to pick up the items.

The use of cell phones or any device capable of capturing images is strictly prohibited in locker rooms or restroom areas while at school or at a school-related or school-sponsored event.

If a student uses a telecommunications device without authorization during the school day, the device will be confiscated. The parent may pick up the confiscated telecommunications device from the principal’s office.

Confiscated telecommunications devices that are not retrieved by the student or the student’s parent will be disposed of after the notice required by law.

In limited circumstances and in accordance with law, a student’s personal telecommunications device may be searched by authorized personnel.

Any disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. The district is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen telecommunications devices.


Selective school supply items and novelty items will be available in our school store most mornings from 7:50 - 8:10 a.m. beginning on Monday, August 28th.

Next Spirit Night

Join us for Skate Night at Skate Champions. Friday September 22nd 4-8pm.

Kuehnle PTO Membership

Steps to Join PTO:

1)Click HERE to create an account on PTboard.

2)Login and visit our "Forms & Payments" section.

3)Choose your Level membership and pay online.

**Membership items will be delivered to your child’s classroom within the following week.

** Sept 1st Deadline (Level 5 Family Sponsorship) to have your family name posted on the banner outside of the school.

If you have any questions regarding membership please email Hillary Goodwin at kuehnlemem@gmail.com.

As always, we would like our Kuehnle Parents & Families to know how appreciative we are for your financial support and endless hours of time volunteered to support our children. All donations received go directly back to our children to support the student learning experience at Kuehnle.

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Kuehnle PTO Online Spirit Store

Show your school spirit with a Kuehnle Spirit Shirt, Sweatshirt, Socks, Croc charms, or Yard sign! Visit the PTO Website to get all your Kuehnle gear!

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Recycle Bin: Fall Promotion


Kuehnle Elementary PTO has partnered with Green City Recycler to set up a Drive-Thru Donation Drop Off Day at Kuehnle Elementary School.


Bring your gently used textile items and just drive up to Kuehnle. Kuehnle PTO will be there to help collect and unload your donations.

20 cents per pound collected will go towards supporting our PTO!

We hope to see you there!

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Become a Volunteer

If you would like to Volunteer at Kuehnle Elementary you have to complete the KleinISD Volunteer Application. Please visit the KleinISD website HERE and fill out your application today. We have so many opportunities for you to be involved here at Kuehnle. Helping Hands and Parent Reader (PK-2nd grade) will begin the week of September 11th. Be on the look out for sign-ups.


9/8/23 PTO Board Planning Meeting 1pm-2pm

PTO Official Board Meeting 2pm-3pm

9/22/23 Spirit Night Skate Champions 4pm-8pm

9/30/23 Recycle Bin: Fall Promotion 8am-9 am

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @KuehnleKISD & @KuehnlePTO