Safety at Meal Time

The Basics

Use place mats instead of tablecloths as small children can easily pull cloths off the table.Keep hot foods and liquids away from table and counter edges.Never carry or hold a child and hot liquids or food at the same time.Test all heated liquid and food before giving it to a child or placing it within their reach.Remove tablecloths when toddlers are present in the home, as they tug and pull on objects within reach. They can easily pull hot liquids or foods onto themselves Keep children out of the ‘traffic path” when preparing meals.
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Teach Them Early

Preferably keep young children out of the kitchen.Teach young children that the kitchen is not a “play area”.Place kettles and cords at the back of kitchen work surfaces and shorten cords if possible to reduce the risk of children pulling these appliances over. the picture below shows how to help your baby if they are choking.
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To reduce the risk of a hot liquid scald when carrying a pot or pan, ensure that handles are always tightly fastened.Children should not be allowed to use cooking or heating appliances until they are mature enough to understand safe use procedures and tall enough to safely reach cooking surfaces and handle hot items.Avoid using floor mats in the kitchen, especially near the stove. They can be the cause of serious falls and scalds.To avoid children from being burnt on hot stove plates, use rear stove elements before front ones.Turn pot and pan handles away from stove front to prevent children from pulling the hot pot or pan contents on themselves.