Drew Y. 6th Period


Brunei is a wonderful country in southeast Asia. It lies on the northern coast of Borneo. Half of Brunei's income comes from oil and natural gas. Brunei is great because its citizens receive free education and medical care. Low food, housing, and fuel cost makes Brunei an outstanding country.

Mosques in Brunei

Mosques in Brunei show that Brunei isn't like some countries. Also, the architecture is amazing.


Not beautiful. Gorgeous.

Geography and Climate of Brunei

Brunei lies on the northern coast of Borneo, in south Asia. It has a tropical climate, and with its gorgeous reefs, it is an absolute paradise. Brunei is extremely small, about the size of Delaware, so it isn't as busy and loud as other places. This can make it more peaceful than, for example, the U.S.

The People and Culture of Brunei

Great fun, great sights, great diving. And something else-you don't even have to learn a new language! In fact, English is one of Brunei's main languages!

Also, feel right at home-there are plenty of people who share your religious beliefs. Muslim is the official language, with 67% of the population, Buddhist is next, with 13% of the population, Christian is after that, with 10% of the population, and finally, everything else, which includes indigenous beliefs, is the remaining 10% of the population. So if you are Buddhist and can't stand the sight of dead cow meat, such as beef, don't worry! 13% of the population is Buddhist!


Brunei has a constitutional sultanate. You must be 18 years or older for village elections. This is a good thing because younger people might try to screw up the elections. It has the same three branches of government as the U.S.
Brunei's government has picked Yusoff Abd HAMID and
Daniel L. SHIELDS III to be ambassadors to the U.S. These nice ambassadors represent Brunei well.


What does Brunei export? Here's a list:

Crude oil, natural gas, rice, vegetables, fruits, chickens, water buffalo, cattle, goats, eggs.

Wow, cool! What a lot of exports!

But that's not all. Brunei's export partners are Japan (45.2%), South Korea (15.9%), Australia (11.4%), Indonesia (8.1%), India (5.7%), China (4.4%) (2011).

Who knew that Brunei was friends with all of those countries?