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May 3, 2021

From the Principal

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Based on current data, information and need, MSD Warren is planning for a K-8 VIRTUAL & 9-12 ONLINE learning experience for the 2021-2022 school year. This school year has taught us a lot about meeting our students’ needs through these two learning models. We have included those lessons learned into planning for the upcoming school year.

There are two very distinct changes that need to be brought to your attention. Unlike this school year, there will be a limited number of students who will be enrolled in the K-8 VIRTUAL and 9-12 ONLINE models. We have set these limits based on our observations of this school year. We will continue to be responsive to COVID data and continue to provide a safe option for our students and staff as needed.

The other significant difference from this school year is the application requirement. As a part of the new process, parents / caregivers will be required to submit an application if they would like their child to participate in the K-8 VIRTUAL or 9-12 ONLINE model. This will allow us to better plan for our students and teachers. It will also allow us to determine if the model is the best option for each student. Applications for the 21-22 school year are now available at the links below and will be included in our school newsletters and on our website, warren.k12.in.us.

Warren ONLINE / VIRTUAL Enrollment Application - English

Formulario de inscripción en línea / virtual de Warren - Español

Moving forward, we will provide updates and new information on an ongoing basis. If you do have questions, you may contact one of the following administrators:

  • K-4 VIRTUAL Programing - Mr. Greg Butler (317-532-3950)
  • 5-8 VIRTUAL Programing - Mrs. Carey Storm, Creston (317-532-6800), Dr. John Kleine, Raymond Park (317-532-8900), Mr. Jason Smith, Stonybrook (317-532-8800)
  • 9-12 ONLINE Programing - Mrs. Masimba Taylor (317-532-2996)


Raymond Park is already thinking about the master schedule for the 21-22 school year. All students will take core classes that include language arts, math, science and social studies. Related arts is an area where students may have some choice in their classes depending on their grade level:

5th grade - no choice in related arts. All students will take a rotation of art, music, physical education and STEM (technology).

6th grade - choice of performance music class, or rotation of art, music, physical education and STEM (technology). 6th grade related arts information may be found here.

7th and 8th grade - choice of performance music, art, Project Lead the Way, Spanish and physical education. 7th and 8th grade related arts information may be found here.

Continuing this week, grade level counselors will be communicating specific instructions to students regarding the scheduling process. The process includes next year's 6-8th grade students having the opportunity to request their preferred related arts classes. Please reach out to your student's grade level counselor with questions regarding class information.


ILEARN testing is complete for most, but continues for a few... The plan for testing is different depending on your student's grade level and designation as a virtual or in-person student. Please read on to learn more...

In-Person and Hybrid Students Update: Only 6th grade gold day students have the ILEARN science test to complete. Then, testing will be completed through make-ups for 5th-8th grade students that were absent on test days.

Virtual Students. Students that receive instruction virtually must participate in ILEARN testing in person. Students may participate at Raymond Park on the dates listed below during the regular school day. Students will be fed both breakfast and lunch, and will be testing with only virtual students. Students may work at their own pace, so a range of end times for pick-up are provided - students would call for a ride as their finish time approached. Practice tests and operational tests will be given to virtual students planning to take the test as follows:

5th Grade Virtual Student Test Schedule: completed on April 28, 29 and 30.

6th Grade Virtual Student Test Schedule:

May 5 9:00am to between 1:15pm and 2:45pm (math focus)

May 6 9:00am to between 2:30pm and 4:30pm (ELA focus)

May 7 9:00am to between 1:00pm and 1:30pm (science focus)

7th Grade Virtual Student Test Schedule:

May 10 9:00am to between 1:30pm and 2:45pm (math focus)

May 11 9:00am to between 2:00pm and 4:30pm (ELA focus)

8th Grade Virtual Student Test Schedule:

May 12 9:00am to between 1:15pm and 2:30pm (math focus)

May 13 9:00am to between 1:15pm and 3:15pm (ELA focus)


MSD Warren Township is offering summer school to students in grades 5-8 at Raymond Park IMS June 7-June 18. Spots are limited. Use this link to register.


Random Scans of students entering the building will continue to occur on a periodic basis through the end of the school year. Scans involve students walking through a metal detector before entering school and having bags checked for items of concern to the safety and security of Raymond Park. Scans are always followed up with a morning announcement from the principal that emphasizes the importance of keeping Raymond Park free of items that do not belong in school.


There are four full weeks of school remaining in the 20-21 school year. The completion of ILEARN testing allows Raymond Park to get back into a daily routine during the month of May. Thank you, caregivers, for your support in helping us keep out students focused during this spring time of year.

Proud to be a Ranger,

John Kleine



MSD Warren Township is offering summer school to students in grades 5-8 at Raymond Park IMS June 7-June 18. Spots are limited. Use this link to register.

Safety. Marion County and Raymond Park Covid numbers look good, but this is no time to let down our pandemic guard! RP will continue to follow the SAFE Reopening Plan for the remainder of the school year to better ensure everyone's safety during the pandemic. Students are reminded that face masks and social distancing are required. Frequent handwashing and sanitizing will also be scheduled into the daily schedule. All MSD of Warren Township staff and students should wear face masks unless an extenuating circumstance exists and a face shield is needed. School administrators may approve the use of a face shield in these cases.

Students should not attend school if they are close contacts to a positive Covid case, are awaiting results of a Covid test or exhibit two or more of the following: ● A fever of 100.0° F or greater ● Cough ● Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing ● Sore throat ● Fatigue ● Chills ● Muscle or body aches ● Headache ● Congestion or runny nose ● Nausea or vomiting ● Diarrhea ● New loss of taste or smell.

Hearing and Vision Screenings

Marion County Health Department will be at Raymond Park for hearing and vision screenings next week and the following week 5/3/21-5/14/21. All 5th, 6th and 8th graders will be screened for vision and all 7th and 8th graders will be screened for hearing. In addition, any student who is new to Warren Township this year will be screened for both vision and hearing. If you do not wish to have your student screened for any reason or if you have any questions please contact the nurses office at Raymond Park at (317) 532-8912. Thank you, Nurse Lisa.

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2021-2022 K-8 Virtual / 9-12 Online Learning Program

    • MSD of Warren Township will continue to offer a virtual learning option for the 2021-2022 school year. Enrollment in the 2021-2022 K-8 Virtual / 9-12 Online Learning Program is limited to a select number of students, and an application is required. Families who wish to participate are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

    • To learn more about our 2021-2022 K-8 Virtual / 9-12 Online Learning Program and how to apply, click here.

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Asante Art Institute FREE Performing Arts opportunity for youth ages 6-12

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May I see your ID please? Every person, every time, for the safety of all.

If you have entered any Warren Township school or taken a Warren student out of school "May I see your ID please?" is not a new question to you. Warren Township and Raymond Park are committed to keeping all students and staff as safe as possible one I.D at a time. Raptor Visitor Management only uses your name and date of birth to search all 50 states registered sex offenders data base. What kind of ID? Any state/ government issued ID, passport or military ID are accepted.

May I see your ID please?

Every person, every time, for the safety of all.

Please see the Raptor visitor management FAQ"S below for more information.

Summer School K-8

  • Summer School K-8 Spots are filling quickly! ! To reserve your spot, click on the summer school registration button below.

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Raymond Park Apparel from the Athletic Department

Deadline for orders is May 2nd, thank you.

Did you know that students may already register/enroll for school next year?

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24 hour Attendance hot line 317-532-8900-press 1

Just a reminder that our attendance line remains active. Please call 317-532-8900 and press “1” for the attendance line any time your student will miss part or all of any virtual or live instruction school day for a doctors appointment, illness, funeral or any other reason.

Doctors notes can be brought to the school, emailed to Ms Thompson at sthompso6@warren.k12.in.us or faxed to 317-532-8999.

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RP Athletic Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for Winter Events at Raymond Park (revised 11/16/20)

  • Admission will be limited to parents and guardians only.
  • Tickets will go on sale on site 45 minutes before the start time of the event.
  • No admittance will be permitted after halftime of the 8th grade game.
  • Tickets will be $5 per person, cash only.
  • Face coverings are REQUIRED for all spectators.
  • Face coverings are recommended for all coaches and players while on the bench.
  • Locker rooms and hand sanitizer will be available.
  • Storage totes will be available for players to keep their masks in while playing.
  • Players must bring their own water bottles.
  • Families may sit together but must use 6 feet of social distancing from other family units.
  • Avoid congregating near concessions and bathrooms.
  • Concessions will be provided utilizing guidelines from the ISDH and MCPHD.

**Please note, all guidelines listed above follow the direction provided by the MCPHD, IHSAA, and NFHS**

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2020-2021 RPI&MS Car rider procedures

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Raymond Park PTSA

Join Raymond Park PTSA with new membership incentives.

RP PTSA membership signups will be accepted ONLY through our online square website.

To join, please click on the PTA button below or go to raymond-park-ptsa.square.site and select the membership option that works for you.

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Ms. Amy Piskoty - 7th Grade Dean


Ms. Katie Piatt - 7th Grade Counselor


Mr. Bill Halpin -8th Grade Dean


Mrs. Irish Parish -8th Grade Counselor


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