ProGOE Press

A Guide to Professional Development and ProGOE Usage

Welcome to the ProGOE Press - Edition 3 February

This quarterly newsletter will be sent to School Site Inservice Representatives and ESF Course Creators to provide support for using ProGOE, storage and handling of professional development records, and other issues that can impede the accuracy of our transcript system. The newsletter will contain tips for SIRs and ESF Staff, as well as video tutorials and other helpful information.

HOT TOPIC - Completing In-service Credits for Participants

Recently, the Office of Professional Learning and Development has received several inquiries from teachers in the renewal process. The concerns have been related to recent PD courses not being added to their ProGOE transcripts. Although we do our best to assist, the person in charge of completing the inputting of attendance and credit is the person responsible for coordinating the course in ProGOE. It is important for both schools and ESF staff to get credits into the ProGOE system in a timely manner. Failure to close out a workshop or award credit could negatively impact a teachers ability to apply for renewal. All teachers are asked to complete their renewal applications prior to April 1, 2020 in compliance with reappointment deadlines. If courses are not entered expeditiously, there is a chance the teacher will incur additional costs or time trying to take courses unnecessarily.

Best practice for input of attendance and credits is usually no longer than three to four weeks after the in-service. This gives time for classroom based implementations to be executed and returned for evaluation by the in-service coordinator/instructor. For our schools that may conduct their early release in-service as a series of trainings, just make sure participants know the credit will not be awarded until the end of the semester. Our goal for in-service is to provide meaningful PD to practice. With this goal in mind, we must remain diligent in making sure credits are awarded as soon as possible .

It is also important to remind our teachers to be diligent in checking their transcripts. Human error is always a possibility, therefore consistent monitoring of the transcript is paramount to avoiding renewal issues.


Did you know when you move from a BPS school to a charter school, or vice versa, it creates a second account in ProGOE? This is because moving from charter to BPS creates a new account based on your new employee number. If a teacher at your school has recently made a move from a charter school into our system, please have them email Itzel Copley in Professional Learning and Development She will merge the two accounts together. We want to make sure any credit earned prior will show up on their BPS ProGOE transcript. By merging the accounts, it will capture previous in-service training.

I'm planning an inservice, how do I find the catalog of district components?

Did you know there is a new name for the Master Inservice Plan? The Professional Learning Catalog is now the name of the document where all of our inservice components are housed. In the coming months the template for creating components will be changed by the state of Florida. Additional updates will be provided once the template has been approved. If you are looking for the Professional Learning Catalog on our website, please click here to go directly to the page. It is located on our district website under DEPARTMENTS AND PROGRAM > PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT/INSERVICE INFORMATION > INSERVICE/PROGOE RESOURCES.

ProGOE Training/Refresh Your Skills

ProGOE Training for ESF Staff

Monday, Feb. 10th, 12:30-3:30pm

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Melbourne, FL

This is an initial training for Resource Teachers, Directors, Administrative Assistants, and other professionals working at ESF. Those who have already been trained may also sign up for the course as a refresher.

ProGOE Section# 402908

ProGOE Training for School Site Inservice Representatives

Monday, Feb. 10th, 8:30-11:30am

2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way

Melbourne, FL

This training is for school site inservice representatives (those at the school sites setting up inservice in the ProGOE system). Individuals already trained may choose to sign up for this training as a refresher.

ProGOE Section# 403472

Looking for the Professional Learning Library?

Did you know we have a professional learning library packed with resources on many different topics from Classroom Management to Differentiated Instruction? Trish Ely, our K-12 Resource Teacher for Media Specialists and Media Services has worked hard to organize our ASCD Collection into a useable and useful resource for teachers and administrators. Enter ID brevard to access these amazing publications.

These are great resources for our schools to use for professional development. It will save your school money, while still allowing your entire faculty to have the book in hand. You are also able to print excerpt readings (not whole books). Study guides are available for many of the publications.

If you are a mentor or administrator working with a teacher struggling in a specific dimension, this is a great way to provide the teacher with some additional support.

You can always find the link for this library under the RESOURCES tab in ProGOE under the heading of Professional Development Resources.

It's been a while since I've built an inservice request in ProGOE and I can't find my support materials, what can I do?

Resource Guides for ProGOE are located on the RESOURCES tab in ProGOE. If you scroll to the third section of the screen you will see a section labeled PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES. You will see Inservice Guides for School-Based Personnel and Inservice Guides for District Personnel. They are broken down into sections by the individual functions of ProGOE. If you have forgotten how to propose a new course, no problem, simply open the step by step guide and it will assist you through the process. All of the most important functions are addressed in the guide.

How to Find Your Credits for Renewal (Watch this short video)

Finding credits on your transcript

Who Can I Call for ProGOE Issues?

ProGOE is a multi tiered system used for tracking of professional development, registration of PD, and evaluation. Question pertaining to PD records, school in-service proposals, transcripts, etc. would be answered in Professional Learning and Development. Itzel Copley or Lynnette Thorstensen would be your resources.

If you have questions about evaluation plans, those would go to Marylou Stant. She works in Human Resources as an Information System Analyst. She monitors all of the plans for the district and works with schools to make sure evaluations are being done correctly.

For any issues with signing into ProGOE you would call the BPS Help Desk


For many years, the Office of Professional Learning and Development has been storing the original PD roster and a copy of a follow up implementation for all district level inservices. Starting January 13, 2020, we will no longer store and maintain records for ESF departments. All records related to professional development will be housed in their respective departments. It will no longer be necessary to send your original rosters and follow ups to our office. Below you will find best practices for the completion of inservice and maintenance of professional development records:

  • ProGOE sign in sheets should be clearly marked designating points earned, as well as notation if a participant was a no show or requested withdrawal (see attachment)
  • Complete the attendance for the section in ProGOE and lock the ProGOE record so no additional changes can be made once the credits and attendance have been recorded
  • PD rosters and all participant follow up implementations should be stored in a centralized cabinet where directors, coordinators and professional developers have access. You may choose to file by component or section number, but folders should be clearly marked with a course identifier and year
  • PD records are considered an auditable item by the Department of Education and should be retained for 5 years

If you have any additional questions or require assistance with the input of inservice records please contact Itzel Copley at 633-1000 ext. 11269 or email her at

PD Records for schools have always been maintained at the school level. Schools should maintain records in a centralized location. Administrators and School Secretaries should have access to these files, should an inserivce record ever need to be reviewed. School based records should also be maintained for 5 years.

Do you have any suggestions for the newsletter?

If so, please email Lynnette Thorstensen with your ideas or suggestions for topics. Usually if you have a question about a topic, so do others.