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Edited by Ian campbell. Runyon Department 5

Be-wilderness in Buford

Several Incidents were reported of missing children found with marks on their necks. A local exterminator has been contracted to think out the suspected bat population. The recent spike in the bat population occurred within the last month. There have been increasing reports of bat attacks on children and livestock. The city council will meet next week to address the issue. Until then, parents and farmers are urged to keep children, live stock, and young children inside after dusk.

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Animal Abnormalities

Over the past 2 weeks, numerous changes have been noted in the behavior of animals in the local zoos. These changes have been primarily noted in the wolf exhibits. Wolves have been eerily calm, but have also been noted to have tantrums of aggressiveness and howling. Many other animals have been making attempts to escape their habitats. Local biologists have suggested that these changes may have some connection with the local bat surge. Zoo workers are warned to take caution during feeding times, and all zoos will be closed before dark.


A Russian Vessel known as the Demetor has reported several anomalies over the past week. Local police were investigating the disappearances of crew members on a daily basis, many of the crew disappearing with no evidence. On the night that an investigator noticed the shipment of large soil crates had been moved off board, a large storm moved into the bay. after being urged to leave, the Skipper adamantly decided to stay. The following morning the ship was found crashed into the coast. The Captain was recovered from the helm, his body tightly bound. Police are looking further into the matter.

Do I hear wedding bells?

This month has been a wondrous 4 weeks for many local couples. Locals William Henley recently proposed to Lilianne Barbour, and are expecting a wedding in late July. Two other local Men have received hands in marriage. Johnathan Harker, successful local Lawyer will be marrying soon to be Mina Harker. The wedding will be out of town. Lastly, Lucy Westenra has received a barrage of proposals. Dr. Seward, head of the nearby hospital for mental patients, Quincy Morris of the Wild West, and wealthy Arthur Holmwood. It was just discovered days ago that Lucy will be accepting Mr. Holmwoods proposal.


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Bat swarm