By: Ashleigh Chuha

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Who is Pocahontas?

Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, the leader of the Tsenacommacah tribe. Pocahontas had many names throughout her life. In early childhood her name was Matoaka but was later known as Amonute. After she married John Rolfe they changed her name again to Rebecca. The name Pocahontas was just a nickname given to her by a family member or someone that was close to the family. Pocahontas means "Naughty one " or "Spoiled brat". The Disney movie allowed us to remember her as a princess, but her life was like a typical young girl in the Tsenacommacah tribe. Like a lot of young girls in the Tsenacommacah tribe she learned how to do women's tasks! Such as, foraging for food, gathering firewood, farming, building thatched houses, she also contributed in the preparation in feasts and other celebrations. As one of many sister's she was her fathers favorite, he called her his "delight and darling".


John Smith and the Settlers came to the new world to find gold, but never did. After staying there for quite awhile they started running out of food. One day while John Smith was out trying to find some food he actually found the Tsenacommacah tribe. Pocahontas's dad promised John Smith that he would give them all the corn they grew if they would bring him two Werowocomoco swords, guns, hens, copper, beads, and a grindstone then Smith's ship would be loaded up with all the corn. John Smith soon ended up stranding their barge and walked away with no corn. Smith decided to get back his property by the the only way he knew, fighting. It kinda came back to bite him, into the war John Smith got injured by a gun powder wound. He was later shipped back to England, but as one person left, hundreds arrived.

His name is unknown, but he had a very weird and twisted mind. He took a group of people to search for Pocahontas, even though no one has seen her for four years. Myth has it that she was married to a warrior named "Koccum" when she was kidnapped. She was only 17 when they took her fifty-five miles away to a village. The village was called Henrico, but they taught her how to be "civilized", taught her the importance of Christmas. Well since Pocahontas's dad didn't trade arms for hostages Pocahontas was soon on her way to England. When she got to England they were in such a hurry to get her baptized and change her name to "Rebecca". She soon after got married to John Rolfe who is a widowed man. John Rolfe previously had a wife and a child but both died. Two years after they've been married Pocahontas and John had a son named "Thomas"!

A couple months later Pocahontas began to get very ill and soon died. Thomas was left in the hands of his father. John Rolfe didn't care about his son or Pocahontas he just wanted to marry her so he would get her land and he could plant more tobacco. A few years later John Rolfe remarried again and had a Daughter named "Elizabeth". A year later Thomas became very sick and soon passed.

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They say Pocahontas died of either Tuberculosis or Pneumonia, but the documents are unclear. After Pocahontas was kidnapped the English took Pocahontas back to England and used her as ransom. She soon later got very ill with either Tuberculosis or Pneumonia and later died. Back then the doctor to patient ratio was 1: 8000 patients, she was no where close to getting help. Back then there probably wasn't anything that could have been done anyway with very little medication.

What is Tuberculosis and Pneumonia? How to treat it!

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that mostly targets the lungs but can really target any part of the body.

If you would happen to have an active Tuberculosis disease, your doctor will several types of antibiotics to help prevent the bacteria from spreading to other parts of your body. Some of the antibiotics that your doctor might prescribe may include isoniazid, rifampin, pyrazinamide, or ethambutol for 6 to 12 months.

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs caused by a viral or a bacterial infection.

Most people that get Pneumonia can be treated at home with a few simple steps. Such as, drinking plenty of water, get lots of rest, DO NOT take cough medicine ( ask your doctor if its safe for you to take cough syrup), control your fever.

If your Pneumonia starts getting really severe to should search for medical attention as soon as possible. You would go to the hospital if you have a serious medical problem, severe symptoms, are unable to care for yourself (eating or drinking), older than 65 or a young child, have been taking antibiotics at home and haven't been getting better.

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Cool Facts

The village Henrico was very religious centered, twice- daily church attendance was mandatory. The punishment for missing was very brutal.

  • missed once: no food for a week
  • missed twice: flogged
  • missed often: shot, hanged, or burned at the stake

Pocahontas had a few outfits such as a deerskin dress with leggings, or the one you see in the picture above. The one shouldered dress was made for when she meets new people.

We don't know for sure if Pocahontas really saved John Smith from being killed we soon later found his journal and saw that he wrote the same thing about other women too.



Flogged means beating someone with a whip or a stick as punishment or torture.


Deception is an act of deceiving someone.


Ransom is a sum of money or other payment demanded or paid for the release of a prisoner.

Deerskin- Clad

Deerskin- Clad is like a country girl


Thames is a river in Southern England, flowing East through London to the North Sea, its 209 miles long.