The New Generation


The Rise of The Flappers

The Flappers have been taking over and forming a new generation. These so called "flappers" have been raising the spirits of the generation with high energy and new trends. Their clothing choices consist of frilly dresses with the hemlines rising dramatically to their knees. The cosmetic industry is rising as women are buying make-up in large numbers. Women are wearing high heels and wear somewhat revealing clothing. Flappers are engaging in risky activities at jazz clubs and vaudeville shows. Speakeasies are common destinations for these women to engage in activities such as drinking and smoking, which have been activities that have been reserved for men in earlier years. To say the least the new style of the generation is the "Flappers".

Trend Setter

Flapper Woman Impacts Many Women of Long Island

Myrtle Wilson, a well known woman, is known for her style and trend setting clothing. Her apparel is considered to be what they call a "flapper". She has a big impact on the change of style in 1920. Her short dresses and high heels have impacted young woman to wear the same. Her personality is very wild. The flapper lifestyle is considered wild and reckless. Smoking, drinking, and doing things that woman would normally not do. Myrtle Wilson, wife of George Wilson and mistress of Tom Buchanan, has impacted women in many aspects of their lives.