World War 1

The War to End All Wars by Nehemiah Johnson

Wheatless mondays and Meatless Tuesdays

*On Mondays Americans didn't eat certain foods like bread.

*On Tuesdays Americans didn't eat certain foods like fish and meat.

* Americans made sacrifices of food for the war.

Trench Warfare

* In 1914 the trenches were built.

* Germans used trenches (ditches) during the trench warfare for cover (a shield).

* The Germans used barracks (bunk beds) to sleep.

The Pictures of Barracks

No Man's Land

No Man's Land is where soldiers would try to go to there enemies territory (area). Germans would sometimes look on top of No Man's Land and see something and try to grab it but they would die. That's why soldiers didn't want to go to No Man's Land.