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Issue 6 - Motivation and Inspiration

For the final issue of Connected this academic year I have selected four of my favourite inspirational videos. Each one is short and very different, but is designed to get you thinking about why we do what we do - perfect for you to contemplate over the summer.

Why I Hate School, But Love Education

In his unique urban poetic style of spoken word, Suli Breaks reminds us all that there is 'more than one way to be an educated man'.
Why I Hate School But Love Education||Spoken Word

Caine's Arcade

Einstein said 'Creativity is intelligence having fun'. It is our job as teachers to support the development of creativity in children, because as this video shows, the results can be amazing.
Caine's Arcade

Poker Chips - The Game of Life We Should All Know How To Play

This video by Rick Lavoie is a wonderful way of reminding us why we all came into education and what our real purpose is - as teachers, parents and role models. This really is 'the game of life we should all know how to play'.
When the chips are down

The Time We Have Left In Jelly Beans

This fantastic visual representation of how many days we have on earth is sure to motivate you to not 'count the days', but instead 'make the days count!'
The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)

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