Career project


My family is from a Jewish religion. My family is usually real nice and happy ,but they can change just like that. My family is usually lives in laces away from others like kibler

Personality traits

My personality trait is SER and a esfp-t personality types I means I am a social, enterprising, and realistic I could be a clergy, a lawyer, and a automotive body repair man


Some hard skills I have are problem solving and I can use computer software. Careers that match these hard skills are systems manager and computer engineers

some hard skills I have are the ability to work with others and the ability to obtain and process information. careers for these careers are neurosurgeon and a department clerk


I enjoy Football I could be a coach or a NFL player. I enjoy being outdoors I could be a photographer because they go around taking pictures of other people and place outside.

I also like to going to the water I could be a fisherman because they are always on the water.

multiple intelligence

my strongest multiple intelligence is interpersonal. Careers that match this intelligence are psychologist. My other strongest multiple intelligent is verb. career that match this intelligence is a lawyer. My least strongest multiple intelligent is visual strength careers for visual would be an architect.
you cannot have a positive life and a negative mind

Joyce Meyer

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My top three life values are honesty, challenge, and compassion

my top three work values are success, handwork, and self confidence

Career clusters

Career clusters that fit me are law public safety and security manufacturing and health science careers that go with law public safety and security are lawyers, bailiffs, police detectives, and animal control workers. careers for manufacturing are engine and other machine assemblers, jewelers, and millwrights careers for health sciences are biologist, psychologist, natural sciences manager, and nuclear technician.
keep your face too the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow

Hellen Keller


activities outside of school are football and track

It's all good

Things that make me happy proud or satisfied are football, my dog, music, my family, being around other proud people, helping others, and working hard

Ways to improve

Ways I could improve my attitude is do things when i'm told help when others need

Ways to improve my goals are no matter what Make time for it.

yesterday is not our to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose

My future

Someday i'm going to base jump with a squirrel suit, parachute out of a plane,give my parents the life they wanted, \ going to make a game, and I am going to own a house