Alternative Energy Sources

Wind Vs. Water

Wind Power

Wind power is power derived from wind: used to generate electricity or mechanical power. Wind power is one of the oldest sources of power. Wind power is now primarily used to generate electricity at both large and small scale. wind power is renewable and relatively cheep.

Wind energy Pros & Cons


  • clean energy
  • Renewable and sustainable
  • Abundant domestic supply
  • can be used anywhere


  • wind can be inconsistent
  • noise complaints
  • wildlife impact

Introduction to Wind Power

Hydroelectric Power

A dam is built to trap water and is located normally on an existing lake. Water is used to flow through tunnels too turn turbines and run the generators. Hydroelectric power stations produce a great amount of cheap energy.

Hydroelectric Power Pros & Cons


  • Energy is virtually free once dam is built
  • No waste or pollution
  • Constant electricity is generated
  • Hydroelectric power is renewable


  • Dams are very expensive to build
  • Damages animals enviornments
  • Difficult to find a site to build the dam
  • Damages plant life

Hydroelectic Power - How it Works