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Sunday, October 11th 2015

Important Reminders!

1. Hopefully your child has been doing this already, but please make sure that your child has spent time reviewing for our Unit 1 Math test on Monday, October 12th! Suggested review pages can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

2. In order to help students with last minute questions about math concepts, I will be available on Monday morning starting at 7:55 am. This should not be considered a substitute for studying! I will be here to answer last-minute questions about things that students struggled with over the weekend when studying.

3. PTA Meeting on Monday, October 12th @ 7pm

4. This Wednesday, October 14th is a LATE START

5. Addams Fun Run is on October 16th!! This is the last week to donate! Please think about what a great legacy you will leave for future Addams students when you donate to the PTA! Assemblies, technology, the Fun Fair... all of those things and more aren't possible without the help of our PTA!

Upcoming Math Concepts!

This week in math we will be starting our new unit:

Addition and Subtraction with Decimals!!!

I'm not sure about all of you, but I am excited to take a break from fractions and work on decimals for a while ;)

Topics we will be covering include:

-What ARE decimals?

-Reading, writing, and modeling whole and decimal numbers

-Comparing decimals

-Adding and subtracting decimals

Remember to look for corrected homework in Friday Folders! I will be correcting about 3-5 questions on each homework assignment in order to provide you and your child with feedback on how they are doing with each concept.

*Please also know that topics are subject to change, depending on how much time it takes us to master a new concept.

What's New in Reading?

Please make sure you are checking in with your child about their weekly reading letters and their Independent Reading Notes (IRN's). When they read independently at school and at home, they should be spending time practicing the strategies we learned about in their notebooks. They can either make notes on sticky notes and place them in their notebooks or they can take notes directly in their notebooks.

The skills and reading strategies we discuss in school should be evident in their reading letters. The Active Reader Thinking Stems chart is in your child's notebook in the event that they are struggling to get their thoughts going.

Be sure to ask your child how they are doing with their weekly letters, and ask to see their Reader's Notebook if you have not seen it lately!

Reading strategies we will be practicing this week include:

-Figure out details from earlier reading

-Using multiple reading strategies together

-Read aloud with accountable talk

*Please remember that your child should be reading for at least 30 minutes, 5 times per week. Their reading log should be filled out and signed by you frequently!

Words Their Way - Spelling

This week, your child should be continuing to practice their spelling words. The homework packet will be collected and their test will be given this Friday, October 16th.

Challenge words for all students:

1. abandon

2. absorb

3. accent

4. accident

5. accompanied

Publishing time is around the corner in writing!

We have been working hard on revising and editing our narratives this week! Typing will begin on Monday, October 12th. I anticipate that we will need about 3 days of typing, and then we will have a day to review our typed pieces with our partners one last time. If there lots of students that have lots of changes that need to be made, I will reserve the chromebooks for another day. If there are only minor changes needed, students will be responsible for making changes at home.

Our TENTATIVE due date is: Friday, October 16th. It is possible that this due date will be pushed back depending on the speed of our typing and the amount of final changes our writers need to make.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions!

Your child's narrative assignment can be accessed at home through Google Drive or Google Classroom after they create it in class on Monday. Please make sure you are checking in with them to make sure they're on track to finish typing in three days.

Extra math pages to study for Unit 1 Test:

Hopefully your child brought home their Student Activity Book in order to study for their Unit 1 Math test on Monday. If you're wondering what pages to review, check out the list below. They should either work on unfinished problems, or correct problems that have already been completed.

Comparing Fractions: pgs. 9, 10, 11, 12

Adding and Subtracting Like Mixed Numbers: pgs. 15 and 16

Subtracting Unlike Fractions: pg. 20

Adding and Subtracting Unlike Mixed Numbers: pg. 24 (this is the toughest concept for most students)