If I were the giver

if I were the giver what memories would I give

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If I would have to share my memories I would share "love". Love is not only a word, love is a feeling It can make you happy or sad. It can give you happiness because you will have someone that you love, you can take care of them and they will do the same thing. It can make you happy because you will know that someone will be their for you and help you when ever you need them. Love can also make you sad because you can never know when they can leave you. I would give that memory to the community because they are supposed to have feelings and know what it's like to love.


Fun is the other thing I would give to the community. I would give fun because they never experienced what it's like. Christmas is a fun holiday because your with your family, you singing and dancing, your baking treats, your playing on the snow and putting a Christmas tree on laughing and having a good time with family and friends. They never got to experience that because it all got taken away from them. I would give that memory to them so they can understand what it's like to feel free and have fun.


I would give the community something scary and painful because they would need to understand that the world is not always nice and caring. The world is mean and rude and they don't know what can happen. I would give the community the memory war so they know what happened before and how people lived. People died, people got hurt and people cried and they also did hard work. I want them to know that they can't always be happy and get what they want. They are supposed to know what people have experienced.