Touchpoint Games

High-Quality Branded Sports Contests for your Customers

Touchpoint Games makes branded online sports contests that helps distributors and manufacturers reward and engage with their shared customers

Custom designs for excellent branding

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How can POLYGLASS benefit from sponsoring a contest for Coastal Roofing Supply?

  • Help Coastal Roofing Supply sales reps start conversations about POLYGLASS and increase sales
  • Advertise your logo on the game site to Coastal Roofing Supply's top customers
  • Set-up phone calls and lunches with winners
  • Work closely and strengthen relationships with Coastal Roofing Supply sales reps and management
  • Reward customers with branded prizes to promote Coastal Roofing Supply products

How can Coastal Roofing Supply benefit from hosting a golf contest?

  • Great way to start conversations and build rapport with customers
    • Call before, during, and after tournament
    • Fun way to mix up calls and talk about something different
  • Reward customers by offering a chance to play for free for a chance to win prizes
  • Set up lunches with winners
  • Excellent branding and engagement for the manufacturer
  • Fully automated and simple to play


$1500 from co-op advertising budget


Coastal Roofing Supply will pay for prizes out of pocket