Elements are gone (Argon)

My adopted Element

Gas Liquid or Solid

Argon is a Nobel gas it makes up 0.93% of Earths atmosphere. The atomic number on the Pedriotic table is 18. Argon is not poisonous/toxic and is oderless. It doesn't react with anything except fluorine. It has a 18 protons and electrons, neutrons it has 22. Argon is used in lightbulbs, lasers, and arc welders. Crystals for making computer chips are grown in an inert, argon atmosphere.


The element Argon was found in 1894, it was found by Sir William Ramsay a Scottish chemist, and Lord Rayleigh, and English chemist. Argon makes it the worlds third most abundant gas. The way it was discovered was that it was isolated for examination for the residue obtained by removing nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water from clean air.

Fun/extra Facts

Argon has no known biological functions.

When argon gas is combined with small amounts of mercury it will glow with a blue color when excited by electricity.

Large amounts of pure argon gas can be considered dangerous in closed areas because it is denser than air and will cause people to suffocate.

When argon is used as a gas laser it emits a blue-green color.

The argon gas in the Earth's atmosphere comes from the radioactive decay of potassium.