Santa Fe Trail

take a trip down this amazing trail.

Explore down this amazing trail!

The Santa Fe Trail is an amazing trail where you can trade your unique items in exchange for other unique items. Such as wagons with cloth and manufactured goods, glass and books in exchange for mules, horses, Mexican blankets, beaver belts, and silver. You would be able to see a whole bunch of extraordinary scenery leading from Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, to New Mexico.

What would we face along this trail?

Native Americans would try to attack but it would be hard for them to harm you because the United States government will send a good amount troops along with the traders to protect you. There will be some rough mountains but once you get passed them you will be able to see magnificent country sights. You will go through different climates of weather such as cold, hot, rainy and dry conditions but at the end of the journey you will be guaranteed that your trades will have high profits on them.